The Hilarious Way Amy Schumer Comforted Jennifer Lawrence After Darren Aronofsky Breakup

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence presenting an award

Break-ups suck. They're no fun for anyone. That's why it's always good to have a good friend nearby, especially one that can make you laugh. That's exactly what Jennifer Lawrence has with Amy Schumer. The comedian comforted her famous friend in her emotional time of need, and Schumer did it in a way that helped put a smile on Lawrence face. Now we know the funny (if somewhat cruel, honestly) way that Lawrence's celebrity BFF cheered her up a bit.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen (via People), to promote Red Sparrow, Jennifer Lawrence discussed breaking up with her mother! director Darren Aronofsky. Down in the dumps about the separation, she received a little bit of unconventional comfort from her comedian bestie. After announcing the news to her confidant, Lawrence received a bouquet of flowers at her doorstep, along with a message from Schumer that's exactly what you would expect from the Trainwreck actress/writer. As Lawrence tells it,

When Darren and I first broke up. I told [Schumer] and I was really sad. The next day I got a bouquet of flowers delivered and I said, 'What is this?' I bring the bouquet of flowers in and there was a note that says, 'I'm so sorry to hear you're gonna die alone. Love, Amy.'

The humorous-but-heartfelt response helps paint a picture of the loving relationship shared between the celebrity friends. Though they have only been friends for the past few years, their relationship only continues to grow stronger.

Jennifer Lawrence was one of only a handful of guests invited to Amy Schumer's secret wedding a couple weeks back with chef Chris Fischer. Lawrence and Schumer also wrote a comedy screenplay together a couple years ago, a raunchy comedy where they would play sisters, though it's unclear if that project will ever see the light of day. We hope it does. They have danced on top of Billy Joel's piano before. They also have a history of joking around together, like when Schumer won her first Emmy.

Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky were dating a little over a year before they called it quits towards the end of last year. On a recent appearance on WTF with Marc Maron, Lawrence talked about the first time she dated the director and the sexual tension that arose before they became an item.

He flew in, pitched me, left. The whole thing was probably an hour and a half, and then I was like, 'He's hot.'... I remember I was holding my dog and I shut the door and when the door shut I went, 'Pippy, that's called sexual tension.' He played hard to get for like nine months, maybe longer, which just killed me.

Hopefully, Jennifer Lawrence is mending her heart. In the meantime, at least she has Amy Schumer to cheer her up. Red Sparrow is now in theaters.

Will Ashton

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