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Why Did Big Brother All-Stars Spoil Its First-Ever Triple Eviction To Houseguests?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars live feeds as of Tuesday, September 29. Read at your own risk!

Big Brother All-Stars hasn’t been the most entertaining season of the franchise by any metric, though recently there was hope that it would soon change. Host Julie Chen teased to the audience that the American game would have its first-ever Triple Eviction, which would be sure to ruffle some feathers in the dominant Committee as they’d be forced to target at least one of their own.

With such excitement on the horizon, many fans were beside themselves on Tuesday night following the live feeds dropping for a short while. When feeds returned the houseguests were talking about a video from Dr. Will which, from what I’ve gathered through various chatter, teased that “3-4 people” had to leave the house in the next week.

The video didn’t straight out reveal it is a Triple Eviction, but at this point, it may as well have. Houseguests almost immediately grabbed onto the theory that the Double Eviction is happening this week, and possibly also a Fast Forward week. Tyler Crispen was the first to suggest a Triple Eviction, which had never been done on American Big Brother.

It’s upsetting, especially considering this was set to be the first real exciting moment of Big Brother All-Stars. Double Evictions are often chaotic, with only a few minutes of talk between nominations and vetoes for some chaotic stuff to go down. One would imagine a blindsided Triple Eviction would be even more insane, and The Committee’s members would largely have to rely on their own game instincts rather than groupthink all their moves.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, the groupthink is happening. Members of The Committee are sitting down and discussing the plans for how they’ll run the Double Eviction, and if the Fast Forward week doesn’t happen before Thursday afternoon, there will be talks about how to run the Triple Eviction.

In short, it’s the same thing we’ve seen all season on Big Brother All-Stars. As usual, the plan for the week is talked to death well before anything has happened, and decisions are set in stone before the first competition for the new week is even played. It’s really helpful for someone who has to predict how each week will go in advance, but not necessarily fun to watch.

So, why would Big Brother All-Stars intentionally spoil the reveal? The Triple Eviction, without much exaggeration, was the first event of the season that fans were legitimately excited for because of the shock and chaos it would create. That’s not to say things may still not get crazy on Thursday, but given the trend of who’s winning competitions and who isn’t, one can probably predict the next three boots of this season rather accurately.

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