ABC's Tamron Hall Is Being Sued by 'Embarrassed' Mom For $16 Million

Tamron Hall Show

Daytime talk shows sometimes get a reputation for hosts telling it like it is from their own perspectives. ABC's Tamron Hall may be in some hot water as she's facing legal repercussions following some statements she made to a guest on her show about her unvaccinated son. Now that angry mom is suing her for $16 million for what may be a very expensive diss on Hall's part.

Tamron Hall is being sued due to comments she made on an episode of the Tamron Hall Show back in September of 2019. The woman suing, Jeanine DiAngelo, went on the show with her son who is unvaccinated. TMZ describes DiAngelo as "embarrassed" after obtaining court documents, which allege that Hall caused her son great emotional distress, and made comments comparing her son to a "leper." DiAngelo also said Hall said she wouldn't let her son hug DiAngelo's son, who was on stage. For context, here is what Hall said at the time:

I can't look at him like this and have this debate when I know my son is around the corner, and I wouldn't want him to hug him because I don't want my son, based on science, to be exposed to an unvaccinated child. This is why we brought it up, not to judge him.

Tamron Hall did actually hug the boy herself shortly after she said that and offered to let him leave the stage for the remainder of the conversation in an effort to avoid making him the focal point of the issue. Other parts of the segment featured back-and-forth between Hall and Jeanine DiAngelo on the rights of the unvaccinated, the New York laws surrounding the issue, and the effectiveness of vaccines.

Jeanine DiAngelo alleged that Tamron Hall was not prepared for the segment, and her lack of education is what led to her son's emotional distress. DiAngelo also alleged that Hall violated New York law by discriminating against her and her religious beliefs, which are presumably tied to her opinions on vaccination. As of writing there has been no comment from the Tamron Hall Show on this issue. In a blog post from DiAngelo dated October of 2019, she alleged the show tried to cover up her son being asked to leave the stage after facing backlash.

The Tamron Hall Show received hundreds of messages by people on every spectrum of the vaccine issue disgusted by her treatment of myself and my son that day. Initially when the video was posted they had already deleted the segment where she kicked my son off the stage. A few days later they took the entire episode down with all the messages as if the entire debacle never occurred. This really epitomizes the entire issue for me, they really just wish they could make our inconvenient truths just disappear.

Footage of the full interview, including the event in which the son was asked to leave the stage, can be found online. Obviously this is a messy situation all around, and with the way lawsuits like these operate, it could be a good while before any form of resolution is met between the two parties.

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