Big Brother All-Stars' Triple Eviction May Be Really Bad For One Remaining Houseguest

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Warning! The following contains spoilers from the Big Brother All-Stars episode on Thursday, October 1. Read at your own risk!

The Big Brother All-Stars triple eviction may have been just as predictable as we've come to expect in terms of who went home, but there was some excitement to be had in the evening. In fact, the person who orchestrated this exact boot order may have made his biggest mistake in the game, as Cody Calafiore may eventually regret doing Kevin Campbell, David Alexander, and Dani Briones like he did.

Now, we all know The Committee was in agreement with getting Kevin Campbell and David Alexander out. It was going to take a veto win for either to escape their fate and in Cody's defense, both faltered at the opportunity. Still, Kevin had beef with Cody going into the eviction, and despite the two burying the hatchet, he still didn't throw him a pity vote knowing it would be unanimous. I'm not sure it would've helped, but Cody definitely lost Kevin's vote at this point.

Next came David Alexander, who was up against Nicole Franzel. Now, the folks at home know Nicole and Cody have a Final 2, and frankly, the houseguests should as well thanks to that wall yeller. That said, I'm sure David Alexander fully understood it when he lost out on surviving by one vote after Tyler Crispen and Christmas Abbott made a play to save him. David had to know where the vote went, and judging from the way he breezed past Cody on the way out, he has a strong suspicion Cody picked Nicole over him. Another vote for Cody Calafiore, in my opinion, is down the drain.

Then we have Dani Briones, who spent several weeks talking about poor sportsmanship and bad gameplay only to burn people's games on her way out and get evicted by the guy she backtracked on targeting weeks before. Anyway, Dani told Julie Chen she was shocked she didn't get a vote from Cody, who she assumed she was fairly close to in the game. Dani is giving off all the vibes of a bitter jury, and I think at this point if she could vote for no one to win, she would. I think unless Tyler or Christmas is next to Cody, he lost her vote.

In one night the jury just gained a third of the house all not high up on Cody Calafiore. Truth be told, I don't believe Da'Vonne Rogers is all that fond of Cody either, but she may not be as poisoned on him as the aforementioned three. I think Ian Terry is a toss-up, and with Dani Briones headed to the jury, he won't have too much bitterness left with his vote. Either way, jury management is a real thing, and I think Cody's big mistake was making everyone think they're his best friend.

Conversely, Memphis Garrett has been gruff and straightforward all of Big Brother All-Stars, and not even David Alexander blamed him for his eviction! His straightforwardness might sit better than the silky deception Cody has been spreading through the house all game. At this point, I think Cody shouldn't be worried about making it to the end of the game, but he should be questioning who he needs to take with him to Final 2 that the house won't vote for out of pettiness. The only person I see that happening with right now is Nicole, so he better put in some work!

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