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I could talk forever about Shudder and the all-thriller streaming platform’s excellent selection of horror films. Yet, on the other hand, I empathize with fans of the genre dissatisfied by a story that keeps them on edge for only 90-100 minutes or so. Well, fortunately, for loyal subscribers who are also fans of grisly slashers or ghoulish anthologies, the scares does not have to stop at feature-length. In fact, the following are our picks for the best and creepiest TV shows on Shudder, many of which are exclusively available on the horror streaming platform.

Killer from Slasher: Flesh & Blood

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Slasher: Flesh & Blood (2021)

While their previous reunions have rarely been a cheery affair, this year proves to be especially challenging when members of a very wealthy and extremely dysfunctional family are stalked and killed by a mysterious, masked assailant.

Why it is one of the best creepy TV shows on Shudder: Also one of the best horror TV shows on Netflix, creator Aaron Martin’s seasonal anthology of gory and puzzling whodunnits, Slasher, found a new home for its fourth season, subtitled Flesh and Blood, on Shudder.

Stream Slasher: Flesh & Blood on Shudder.

Peter Cushing on Hammer House Of Horror

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Hammer House Of Horror (1980)

Witness a real estate broker suffering from shockingly realistic nightmares, a pet store owner subjecting a young couple to bizarre experiments, a man haunted by the number 9, and more terrifying tales from this famed British anthology series.

Why it is one of the best creepy TV shows on Shudder: Years ago, a production company behind some of the most iconic horror movies ever, Hammer, presented House of Horror – a 13-episode, British TV classic featuring familiar faces like Star Wars’ Peter Cushing or Succession’s Brian Cox.

Stream Hammer House Of Horror on Shudder.

Shannon Woodward on Etheria

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Etheria (2016-Present)

A woman becoming acquainted with her “superior” alternate selves, a hopeful job applicant walking into the worst interview imaginable, and a woman conspiring to escape an intergalactic zoo are just some of the stories included in this vastly unique assortment of short films.

Why it is one of the best creepy TV shows on Shudder: This anthology series is really a collection of the best selections from the annual Etheria Film Festival, which specializes in showcasing funny, fantastic, intense, and frightening short films all from female directors.

Stream Etheria on Shudder.

Eli Roth on History of Horror

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Eli Roth’s History Of Horror (2018-2021)

Actors, filmmakers, and other veterans of horror share their thoughts on some of the genre’s most essential aspects and iconic moments.

Why it is one of the best creepy TV shows on Shudder: Host and executive producer Eli Roth takes you through the History of Horror, one category at a time, in this in-depth docuseries that originally aired on AMC and also inspired a Shuuder-exclusive companion podcast. 

Stream Eli Roth’s History of Horror on Shudder.
Stream Eli Roth’s History of Horror: Uncut podcast on Shudder.

Tony Todd on Behind The Monsters

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Behind The Monsters (2021)

Actors, filmmakers, and fans of the horror genre share their thoughts and experiences with the creation and enduring legacy of some of the iconic horror movie villains of all time.

Why it is one of the best creepy TV shows on Shudder: If you ever wanted to know more about how the likes of Halloween’s Michael Myers, Hellraiser’s Pinhead, or Child’s Play’s Chucky came to be and how they influenced horror movies going forward, Behind the Monsters is the docuseries for you.

Stream Behind The Monsters on Shudder.

Greg Nicotero on The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Of All Time

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The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Of All Time (2022)

Actors, filmmakers, and experts of the horror genre share their thoughts about the most iconic and frightening moments from the best horror movies ever made.

Why it is one of the best creepy TV shows on Shudder: Shudder finally settles the debate over what is the scariest horror movie moment of all time in this eight-part countdown discussing more than 100 of the genre’s most horrifying scenes.

Stream The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments Of All Time on Shudder.

One of the mysteries of Channel Zero.

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Channel Zero (2016-2018)

See how long you can endure any of the four multi-episode tales following a child psychologist haunted by an ominous TV show from his youth, a group of teens who visit a haunted house attraction with horrors that hit far too close to home, and more in this mercilessly eerie and highly inventive anthology series.

Why it is is one of the best creepy shows on Shudder: Originally airing on Syfy and now exclusively available on Shudder, each of Channel Zero’s four seasons are adapted from popular user-generated horror stories called “creepypastas,” which most definitely live up to their name.

Stream Channel Zero on Shudder.

Zachary Quinto on NOS4A2

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NOS4A2 (2019-Present)

After crossing paths with an alluring being (Zachary Quinto) who feeds on children to keep himself young, a teenager (Ashleigh Cummings) vows to thwart his plans with the use of a strange gift she only recently discovered she has.

Why it is is one of the best creepy shows on Shudder: It is no accident that NOS4A2 (referring to the license plate number on villain Charlie Manx’s Rolls Royce) sounds similar to Nosferatu because this AMC original series has a lot in common with classic vampire tales, but with an intriguing twist from the mind of Joe Hill, who wrote the book it is based upon.

Stream NOS4A2 on Shudder.

The host of Creepshow

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Creepshow (2019-Present)

A ghoulish hooded figure presents a diverse selection of bizarre tales, such as a boy running from what his father has become, a misanthrope who finds unexpected kinship in the remains of an unidentifiable being, and a group of children who take trick-or-treating gravely seriously, to name a few.

Why it is is one of the best creepy shows on Shudder: Stephen King wrote and starred in the hit 1982 film that the Shudder original series Creepshow lovingly continues the legacy of with a new collection of stories (two per episode) that range from hellishly hilarious to ruthlessly weird.

Stream Creepshow on Shudder.

Hannah Gross on Deadwax

Deadwax (2018)

A woman (Mindhunter star Hannah Gross) who has made a living out of searching for rare vinyl recordings is hired by a wealthy collector to find one record that no one has ever listened to and lived to tell about it.

Why it is is one of the best creepy shows on Shudder: In eight episodes, Deadwax crafts an absorbingly grim Neo-noir narrative with a compelling dual commentary on two obsessive cultures: vinyl collection and deadly urban legends (plus, Evil Dead franchise star Ted Raimi is in it, so there’s that).

Stream Deadwax on Shudder.

a discovery of witches season 3 teresa palmer diana bishop

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A Discovery Of Witches (2018-2022)

A historian (Teresa Palmer) seeking information about her heritage is offered help by a charismatic Englishman (Matthew Goode) - which she is, at first, reluctant to accept because being a witch prohibits her from mingling with his kind: vampires.

Why it is is one of the best creepy shows on Shudder: Inspired by author Deborah Harkness’ All Souls trilogy, A Discovery of Witches is, sort of, like Harry Potter for grown-ups (not that anyone would judge an adult Potter fan) as a story about cultural dissonance, but with classic themes of fantasy lore told through an irresistible forbidden romance.

Stream A Discovery of Witches on Shudder.

Linda Blair interviewed for Cursed Films

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Cursed Films (2020-2022)

An exploration of the controversial and shocking events that happened behind-the-scenes of several notable films – including Poltergeist, Twilight Zone: The Movie, and The Wizard of Oz – which led some to believe supernatural forces were to blame.

Why it is is one of the best creepy shows on Shudder: Featuring interviews with the actual filmmakers involved with the movies in question and even experts in the occult, Cursed Films is a docuseries that you have no choice but to believe in.

Stream Cursed Films on Shudder.

The best scares are the ones that last a little longer than your average movie. With how many creepy TV shows the platform has available, it is no wonder Shudder is the ultimate streaming service for horror fans.

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