Christina On The Coast Star Talks How Christina Anstead Has Been Inspiring During Her Divorce

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HGTV’s Christina on the Coast is mostly Christina Anstead’s big solo series; however, we have met some of her close circle on the reality show, including bestie Cassie Zebisch -- who has gotten some house updates on the series thanks to her famous pal. Now, as news of Christina Anstead’s big split from Ant Anstead has rolled around the Internet, Zebisch is sharing her feelings on the split and how Anstead has been pulling through during the tough time.

First and foremost, Cassie Zebisch is making it clear that Christina Anstead is “resilient.” She’s also been inspiring Zebisch in recent weeks, with Anstead’s publicist pal defending the HGTV star previously and also noting to People,

Even though this is a really difficult time for Christina, she’s doing her best to tune out all the noise and focus her energy on her children and her work. Even during the most challenging times, her resilience continues to inspire me every day.

Unlike a lot of celebrity personality, Christina Anstead has also been candid about her divorce. She revealed shortly after her split from Ant Anstead that she never thought she’d be someone who was divorced twice or had children with two different dads. She shared feelings of anxiousness and tried to be as honest as possibly about what was happening in her personal life without giving away the details of why the split with Ant Anstead happened.

For Ant’s part, he’s been staying home with Hudson and giving Christina Anstead a little bit of space to travel. In his own social media post, he also reassured fans that he is “doing fine” and that Christina is also “fine.” He noted that he had “remained silent while holding onto hope,” though as days turn to weeks and both move forward apart, the chances of a reconciliation grow slimmer.

In fact, though, because the two are still co-parenting their one-year-old son, they keep in touch. TMZ reported Ant and Christina Anstead were still sharing a home a few weeks ago so they could co-parent, though it’s unclear if that will remain a thing longterm.

Christina Anstead is continuing work over on HGTV, where Flip or Flop finally was able to start filming Season 9 after a long post-renewal wait. Anstead still films that series with her first husband, Tarek El Moussa, so she’s on friendly terms with both of her exes. She also recently left her youngest child at home with Ant Anstead and took her two older kids (from her marriage to El Moussa) to Tennessee where they saw some sights and Anstead may have tried some whiskey.

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We’ll likely eventually learn more about the split when Christina on the Coast makes a comeback on HGTV, though Flip or Flop focuses less on the business partners' personal lives now that she and Tarek El Moussa are no longer an item. Recent reports indicate Christina on the Coast is also currently filming Season 3, so the timing on that would lineup with people being interested in what happened between Christina and Ant Anstead.

Unfortunately, neither HGTV show has a premiere date yet, though there’s plenty of other fall TV airing right now. You can take a look at what is out with our full TV premiere schedule.

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