Now, Stevie Nicks Has Joined TikTok To Slay Juice Guy’s 'Dreams' Challenge

Stevie Nicks Screenshot from speaking at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2019

There’s nothing quite like the “Dreams” challenge that’s been sweeping TikTok in recent days. The viral movement first started when Juice Guy Nathan Apodeca drank some Ocean Spray while skateboarding and chilling. Mick Fleetwood followed suit, and now Fleetwood Mac’s own Stevie Nicks has gotten into the fun, also joining TikTok for the first time in the process.

Stevie Nicks may be an excellent singer, but she doesn’t seem to be much of a skateboarder, or possibly much of an athlete in the least. In the video, which comes right after the “Dreams” singer joined TikTok for her fans, she’s seen actually singing along with the song, rather than cruising around while listening to the popular track. We also see her lacing up some skates, but don't take it from me, give it a whirl yourself.


I’m hoping that means there will be a part two of her cruising around with roller skates and Ocean Spray, but if not, the video is still a fun take on the viral trend. Meanwhile, it also got Stevie Nicks onto TikTok, a platform that has been popularized for short viral videos, often featuring a song or dance component. She joins other big names such as Cameron Diaz and even Anthony Hopkins on the platform.

The trend of cruising to "Dreams" actually led Ocean Spray to send original viral video creator Nathan Apodeca a truck filled with cranberry juice (unsurprisingly, it was also cranberry-colored).. He’s been a viral sensation online for several days, and honestly I can’t get enough of the original video. I’ve probably watched it around 30 times at this point, often on repeat.


In the time since the video first went viral, Nathan Apodeca landed his new truck. However, the video has been a boon for Fleetwood Mac as well. The video propelled the song “Dreams” back into the fans’ hearts and sales have more than tripled since the video first went viral. “Dreams” is from Fleetwood Mac’s famous 11th album, Rumours.

Cheech and Chong have even gotten into the fun, so it’s certainly rolled around at this point, though the original video is still the most impressive, having racked up more than 50.5 million views at the time of this writing. Again, probably because people like me have watched it around 30 times.


At the end of the day, I can’t speak to the cranberry juice, but it couldn’t have happened to a nicer song.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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