Yellowstone's Luke Grimes Has Thoughts Ahead Of Season 3's Streaming Debut

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(Image credit: Paramount Network)
(Image credit: Paramount Network)

If you want to catch up on one of the buzziest shows on television, then you are about to get your chance. Yellowstone is currently streaming on NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, Peacock, but only the first two seasons of the Kevin Costner starrer have previously been available to watch. Thankfully, that's about to change, with Season 3 coming to the streamer. Now, Luke Grimes has reacted to the news of the season's streaming debut.

Yes, you read that correctly. The most recent season of Yellowstone (Season 3) will be streaming on Peacock (opens in new tab) before the end of the year. It's set to bow on Peacock on Sunday, November 22. For the record, Peacock is the only streamer you can stream the hit Western. On the topic of Yellowstone heading to Peacock, earlier this summer, Luke Grimes told CinemaBlend in an email interview:

I’m happy to hear we are finally hitting a streaming service. I do feel that there are groups of people who’ve missed out on watching our show because of the many ways people get their media these days, and hopefully those audience can become part of the family now.

Luke Grimes’ co-star Cole Hauser has expressed his enthusiasm for the show to arrive in the double digits, viewer-wise. Yellowstone got off to an incredibly impressive start in the ratings for Season 3 and should only keep building with its arrival on Peacock. This move means more eyes on Yellowstone as it heads into its fourth season, which is a great thing.

For fans who missed the chance to check out Season 3 while it was airing, the wait just got shorter. The affordable streaming service should be a gateway to many Yellowstone binge-watchers, and it arrives just in time for the holidays to set in for prospective viewers. That said, this is also an opportunity for Yellowstone viewers to relive Season 3 in binge-mode. For those caught up, a Peacock binge also provides a chance to meditate further on some of the hints/foreshadowing(s) dropped leading up to the finale, as well as those Game of Thrones connections.

I personally hope a lot of people take the time to tune in to the marvelous third season. Yellowstone had two impressive seasons, and the third season of any show always runs the risk of disappointing. Luckily, the Paramount Network series did anything but disappoint, as it continued to thrive on the seeds that it sewed in its earlier outings. Luke Grimes’ Kayce has no shortage of twists and turns, too.

Season 3 of Yellowstone will begin streaming Sunday, November 22, on NBCUniversal’s Peacock. While you catch up on what happened during the series’ latest season, look forward to the show returning after this fall’s premieres on the Paramount Network. A precise premiere date for Season 4 is still pending.

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