Yellowstone's Rudy Ramos Is Returning For Season 4, But What Could It Mean For Felix?

Yellowstone Felix Long Rudy Ramos Paramount Network

Yellowstone Felix Long Rudy Ramos Paramount Network

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Spoilers for the Season 3 finale of Yellowstone get discussed beyond this point.

Yellowstone fans are currently staying intensely tuned in for the latest news around Season 4, especially after last season’s stunning finale. It saw Monica’s husband, Kayce, placed in imminent danger and left fans to wonder what the fallout would be. There is good news for Monica, though. Rudy Ramos -- who plays Monica’s grandfather Felix Long -- is returning for Season 4. But what could his return mean for Felix?

First things first, let’s dive into Rudy Ramos’ announcement on Facebook. In it, the actor confirms that he will be filming his tenth episode of Yellowstone and makes mention of the filming experience being different this time around. He's no doubt referencing the COVID-19 restrictions that Yellowstone’s showrunner mentioned that he and his crew would be taking into consideration as Season 4 began filming. Ramos also shared with me (via an email) that he was quarantining and would get tested before being permitted to leave his room.

Yellowstone Season 4 will film exclusively in Montana, which will be a change from past seasons as the show previously filmed material in Utah. What does this mean for Felix, and for that matter, Monica? Well, I had been hoping to see more of Monica’s family in Season 4, and it looks like, at the very least, Yellowstone fans should get see more of her grandfather. As fans know, Felix was instrumental in Monica’s life.

He and his wife raised Monica and her brother due to unknown circumstances. After sadly not seeing much of Felix in a while, it is nice that Yellowstone is bringing back one of the most critical figures in Monica’s life. Despite what rumors have hinted about Kayce’s survival in Season 4, it makes sense that she would still need to lean on her grandfather for support.

After all, Season 4 should see Monica reeling in the wake of the triple assassination attempt that besieged her husband and in-laws. Will she take shelter with Felix? Monica went back to live with her grandfather in the past after temporarily splitting with Kayce towards the end of Yellowstone’s first season. Thankfully, they got back together, and last season saw them experience smoother sailing than average.

With Felix back in the picture, it makes me wonder if there will be some upcoming turmoil in Monica and Kayce’s marriage. Is that why Felix is back to the rescue? Maybe. Another possibility is that Monica will need to rely on Felix if Kayce ends up injured in some way. As of the finale, the Duttons are under attack from an unknown person or persons.

With this, I could also see a living Kayce sending Monica and Tate to live with Felix for a time in Season 4 while they figure out who is after them. I can even picture a more simple scenario in which Monica is just wanting to visit her grandfather. It has been a while since they got to come face to face on Yellowstone, and they are long overdue for a chat.

Felix may have something to say about Kayce considering that gubernatorial run as well. But hopefully, he gets a chance to touch on Monica heroically helping to bring down a serial rapist-murderer. Fans will see what happens with Felix when Yellowstone returns for Season 4 after this fall’s premieres. Hopefully, in 2021.

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