Ashley Graham Goes Nude In The Name Of Body Positivity, Claps Back At Fan

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For many years now, lingerie model and TV host Ashley Graham has been one of the most publicly vocal advocates for the beauty of plus-sized women, and it doesn't look like she'll be slowing that roll anytime soon. Case in point: Graham recently took to Instagram with quite the risqué way to spread inspirational thoughts of body positivity, in that she went completely nude, using only her arms and her bathroom lavatory to keep her naughtiest bits hidden from fans' eyeballs.

To be expected, while the majority of commenters shared appreciative messages and were clearly on the same page as Ashley Graham, not everybody felt the same way about how she chose to present herself to the world. But before getting into that, check out the initial post below.

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Many different models and colleagues (and even other celebs such as comedian Whitney Cummings) showered Ashley Graham with praise and love for confidently sharing her untouched curves with the world. Naturally, there were a few bad apples in the bunch that chose to be hateful with their replies, but perhaps the most interesting exchange in the post came through Graham's kindest clapback possible to a fan who clearly didn't realize how insulting their comment was. After the commenter spoke ill against the use of Graham's "big girl" phrasing, here's how the model responded:

I hear what you're saying. But if you look at 'big' as a positive or love then you can see it like I do. I love my big strong beautiful body. Love you girlie.

Smarter people than I have stated that some of the only real negatives in the world are the ones that we ourselves perceive. So if Ashley Graham sees nothing harmful in referring to herself as "big" in any capacity, then other people probably shouldn't feel the need to make false inferences about the matter, even if they're also in agreement that Graham is "super-sexy and womanly."

Of course, Ashley Graham isn't exactly new to these kinds of posts, especially in these months after giving birth to her son Isaac, who was born in January 2020. The model and American Beauty Star host was already known for embracing women's bodies of all shapes and sizes, but she took things up a notch by sharing post-pregnancy pics and videos of her stretch marks, her breastfeeding in public and more.

In fact, the response from the above nude pic perhaps played into Ashley Graham following up with a skin-tastic throwback image as seen below.

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While waiting to see how Ashley Graham decides to showcase her body positivity next, be sure to keep a close eye on our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule for a look at all the new and returning shows heading to the small screen soon.

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