Selena Gomez Shares Post About Body Positivity

Selena Gomez is spreading the love. On Instagram, the pop musician shared a personal, heartfelt message about body positivity to her millions of followers. It is accompanied by some home footage from Gomez and her friends, as they enjoy themselves on a boat down a river on a beautiful day.

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In the caption of the Instagram post, Selena Gomez quotes (minus referencing) from Naomi Wolf's 2009 book The Beauty Myth. It discusses our "obsession with physical perfection," one that traps modern woman into an endless cycle filled with "self-consciousness and self-hatred." It relates to society's insane standards to beauty. From there, Selena speaks from the heart about her own experience. She says she chooses to take care of herself. She does so because solely for her own happiness, rather than anyone else's. From there, Gomez hopes all of her 134 million followers find the wind in their sails.

It hasn't been an easy year for Selena Gomez. Back in June, the pop singer underwent a kidney transplant surgery due to her ongoing battle with Lupus. Her kidney donor was Francia Raisa (The Secret Life of the American Teenager), one of Selena's BFFs. The operation proved to be successful, though not without some complications.

Gomez and Raisa remained quiet about the surgery for months due to the intensity and sensitivity of the procedure. But in the most recent months, both celebrities have been more open to discussing the procedure. Selena Gomez revealed her immense gratitude for Francia Raisa in an emotional Instagram post last fall. Francia Romez also talked about the process on Harry last month. Gomez and Raisa also shared an interview with Today back in October to talk about the emergency operation and how it played a toll, health-wise, on both celebrities during this past summer.

Meanwhile, Selena Gomez's love life is also having some difficulties at the moment. She recently reconnected with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Justin Bieber, last year. While there were reports a few weeks back saying they were still together and taking some time apart, it was revealed last week that the music couple is indeed taking a break. The reason for their most recent break-up seemingly stems from Selena Gomez's mom. The Gomez family hasn't necessarily been welcoming to Selena getting back together with Justin, and she finds herself torn between her boyfriend, whom she first started dating back in 2010, and her mom, whom Selena shares a very special bond with. The mother-and-daughter only got closer during her recent surgery.

Even though Selena Gomez is dealing with a heavy heart and severe health problems, she is still keeping things positive. Gomez also wants to make sure her many fans know she loves them, regardless of their appearance. Beauty is only skin deep, after all; it's what inside that counts.

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