Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries Producer Reveals The Case That Still Keeps Her Up At Night

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Unsolved Mysteries recently dropped another batch of episodes on Netflix, and fans are already clamoring for more. Turns out there's going to be a wait for those new episodes and it's a question of whether or not Netflix will give the show more, to begin with. For now, that's fine because there are still plenty of questions for fans to ask about the currently released mysteries in the meantime.

In fact, Unsolved Mysteries' co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer admitted in an interview with Bustle that she's still hung up on a mystery the team first covered back in Volume 1. When asked about any case the show has covered that "keeps her up at night," Meurer referred to the one part of the Rey Rivera case that she still can't wrap her head around:

The case that is the most baffling is The Rey Rivera Case from Volume 1. It’s hard when you’re filming to show the relationship between the roof and where he landed, [but] having been up on that roof where he allegedly came off of, there’s just no way he could have come off this roof. And I know the investigative journalists who we featured on the episode, Jayne Miller and Stephen Janis, are still working really diligently on that case. They’ve gotten a lot of leads and theories about what might have happened other than him coming off that roof, so they’re working on those theories.

Terry Dunn Meurer does not agree with the theory that Rey Rivera came down off the hotel roof. I'm assuming that means Meurer does not believe Rivera fell off the hotel roof, or even that he was thrown by people wishing to do him harm. Unsolved Mysteries addressed those theories in the episode that centered on Rivera, though there were no clear answers as to how else Rivera could've crashed into the building below if not from that height.

The case of Rey Rivera was certainly one of the most talked-about stories in Volume 1 of Unsolved Mysteries. Many fans questioned why Rivera's former employer and friend, Porter Stansberry, refused to cooperate with the case, despite the fact that the phone records before Rivera's death showed that the call came from within his office. Theories popped up that perhaps the company was involved in some shady dealings and that Rivera was someone who paid the price for those issues.

Of course, if there was a clear answer as to what happened, the story wouldn't have been on Unsolved Mysteries. Perhaps given the passion behind co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer and fans' continued interest, there will bring more leads and tips to the case and hopefully, an answer that will bring his widow and family peace.

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