How Unsolved Mysteries Will Continue After Season 2 On Netflix

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Unsolved Mysteries found its latest home on Netflix, delivering more cases that were never conclusively closed in two releases this year. The second season released on October 19, and the show is currently at the top of the streamer's Top 10 ranking. For fans who already binged through the new episodes, the question may already be: what about Season 3? Well, Netflix hasn't officially renewed Unsolved Mysteries for a third round, but more mysteries needing to be solved are on the way.

Unsolved Mysteries will deliver more mysteries in a new form: podcast. Deadline reports that an Unsolved Mysteries podcast is on the way to present all-new cases that remain unsolved and delve into specific stories on a weekly basis. While a podcast is obviously very different from a TV show, listeners will get the original theme music as well as a narrator and interviews with people who were originally involved in the cases.

There will also be a call for listeners-turned-sleuths to reach out with any new information on the cases, so maybe some of the unsolved mysteries will finally be solved. Unsolved Mysteries creator Terry Dunn Meurer, who is optimistic that a Season 2 case could be solved with audience help, is on board the podcast as an executive producer, with the podcast hailing from Cadence13.

Terry Dunn Meurer commented on the new project, saying that "There are an incredible number of cases that we hope to solve through the podcast." The Unsolved Mysteries podcast will debut early in 2021, although no official date has been announced at the time of writing.

The two Netflix seasons released in July and October of 2020, and the revival proved to be a big hit for the streaming giant. The first volume of new episodes released shortly before some new developments in one case in particular, and there were plenty of questions left during the break before the release of Season 2.

The Netflix version of the series didn't feature the same kinds of cases as the original, which debuted all the way back in 1987 on NBC, where it remained until 1997, after which it aired on CBS before being cancelled in 1999. The first revival happened in 2001 with a short-lived Lifetime series that ended in 2002. Spike was next, with a revival that lasted from 2008-2010. Netflix is the latest to debut new episodes thanks to the 2020 premiere.

While a podcast may not be the Unsolved Mysteries fix that fans of the TV show are looking for after the two seasons on Netflix so far, it will deliver the subject matter that made the series so intriguing on a weekly basis. So, the episodes will last longer than however long it takes fans to binge their way through Netflix seasons!

Although the podcast won't launch until 2021, there are plenty of unsolved options to pass the time. Twelve seasons of the original series are available streaming on Peacock (including ten that are especially bizarre) and four seasons are available streaming on Hulu. For more viewing options now and in the coming weeks, check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule.

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