Is An Unsolved Mysteries Vol. 3 On Its Way To Netflix? Here's What The Producer Said

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Unsolved Mysteries took Netflix subscribers by storm when the reboot debuted on the streamer this past July. The series’ return was always set to span two volumes, and the second arrived this October with installments like compelling installments like “Tsunami Sprits.” So is Volume 3 on its way next? Or is this a case that Unsolved Mysteries needs to get in on solving? Well, producer Terry Dunn Meurer has provided some insight into the show's future.

Hopefully, you have not called in the Olsen twins to solve this case “before dinner time.” As of this writing, Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 is currently the #1 most-watched piece of content on Netflix, according to the Top 10 list that the streamer has implemented. So a lot of people would probably like to know if Volume 3 is coming. Regarding the show’s future, Terry Dunn Meurer told Newsweek:

We have thought about it. We have ideas. We have some really great stories that we feel are strong stories. So, we are ready to tackle that. Production is starting to come back and with a lot of Covid protocol for sure. It takes some time for us to develop the stories and scout the story's outline, the story's people before we actually go into production.

If it is going to happen, then it'll be a while. Unsolved Mysteries’ creator cites the COVID-19 pandemic and having to take filming precautions into account before Volume 3 can get underway. Netflix’s boss said that the protocols were saving the streamer money in some respects, so there is that silver lining, I suppose. The good news is it seems feasible that Unsolved Mysteries could be back at some point.

The update comes after Unsolved Mysteries announced its immediate next step following the release of the two volumes, and that will come in the form of a podcast. The ability to spotlight a string of unsolved situations through non-visual means should be easier than actually filming for them. Or at least, I would think so. Still, seeing a mystery charted out in the way the TV show does has its unfettered appeal.

Since exploding back into pop culture in a major way via its Netflix run, Unsolved Mysteries has kept subscribers on the edge of their seats. The reboot does not feature the late Robert Stack but opted not to replace him. It also features Stack’s indomitable likeness during the intro. Outside of Stack’s absence, not much else has changed, with the exception of the kinds of cases that get featured.

Without missing a beat, Unsolved Mysteries has people buzzing all over again, and those who have already blown through the first two volumes appear ready for Volume 3. The first volume saw the internet weighing on the “Mystery on the Rooftop” and their theories about the “Missing Witness” case. The show’s creator has also said she is optimistic that the audience can help solve the “Death Row Fugitive” case. Hopefully, that case is solved well before a Volume 3 arrives.

When you consider how well Unsolved Mysteries has done for Netflix, I can't imagine the streaming turning down the opportunity to provide more cases for viewers to ponder and possibly help solve. Volume 3 sounds more contingent on the COVID pandemic than anything else, though. Let's hope things pan out in the show's favor.

Stay tuned to see what happens with Volume 3. In the meantime, you can catch up on this fall’s premieres. The first two volumes of Unsolved Mysteries are streaming on Netflix alongside lots of new 2020 content, while older episodes are up on Peacock.

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