Cardi B.'s Husband Offset Detained By Police During Instagram Live Stream

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Earlier this week, Migos rapper and Cardi B.'s husband Offset put some positive messages out into the world by way of a voting PSA with actor and rapper Common. Unfortunately, he went public with a completely different kind of video over the weekend, as he was detained by police while broadcasting the confrontation to his fans through an Instagram Live video.

As a march was happening in Beverly Hills in support of Donald Trump being reelected, police were reportedly contacted with a citizen complaint about someone pointing a weapon at him from a vehicle. After being given the license plate number, authorities are said to have stopped the vehicle while it was still in the area. It's somewhere around this point that Offset started capturing the incident via Instagram Live. You can watch the relatively brief video, but note that there is NSFW language therein.

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For those who didn't or couldn't watch, things start with Offset saying he isn't going to take his hands off of his steering wheel while nearby officers have their guns out. A female officer mentions the complaint about weapons being waved around, at which point Offset points out his identity as one half of Migos, and that he's got a group of fans following him. He also claims that police "watched somebody beat my car up with a flag" before again refusing to take his hands off of the steering wheel.

At that point, Offset mentions the 25,000+ people that were watching the Instagram Live encounter, and then threatened to publicly sue the police. The rapper (and one-time NCIS: Los Angeles guest star) tries to deny a male officer's right to reach inside the vehicle to unlock the door, but the cop does just that, and Offset was put into handcuffs just as he exited the vehicle.

Offset was not arrested during the incident, but was only detained. The passenger in the vehicle, Cardi B.'s cousin Marcelo Almanza, did not fare as well. He was arrested and charged with carrying a concealed weapon, as well as carrying a loaded firearm in a public area. His bail was set at $35,000. The person who reported the complaint chose not to press charges over the incident, according to Newsweek.

Offset was reportedly released by police not too long after he was handcuffed and detained. To be expected, the Internet had a lot to say about what went down, with both supporters and detractors speaking out. While Offset hasn't technically spoken out publicly about the incident, he did post a comment stated "For real," on a fan's tweet on Sunday evening. Below is what the since-deleted tweet allegedly stated, which highlights the moment during the video when Offset identified himself.

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