Ashley Graham Shared Unexpected (And Hilarious) Breast Milk Confessions With Ellen Show's tWitch

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Breast milk confessions may sound like a raunchy, late-night HBO series favored heavily by The Boys' Homelander, but there is no such project to my knowledge (yet). In this instance, the confessions in question come from the inspirational model and TV host Ashley Graham, who appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and joined guest host tWitch and his wife Allison Holker Boss for a rousing game of "Never Have I Ever" that had everyone cracking up.

From the very beginning, Ashley Graham was already defying expectations. The first round statement was "Never have I ever fallen asleep while breastfeeding," and you can bet that Graham had her sign flipped to the "Mama Has" side, while tWitch and Allison Holker Boss both held up "has never" messages. Graham's breastfeeding nap wasn't exactly an isolated incident, either. In her words:

Yes. Yes, definitely. A million times!

As much as one might think Ashley Graham would be surprised to suddenly wake up with a boob hanging out, I'm willing to bet that the first reaction she has each time is sheer gratefulness for getting any kind of sleep at all. Breast milk makes everybody on both sides of the exchange ready to go night-night.

The second question centered on having a drink before one's baby goes to bed, and all three provided positive answers on that one. But then Ashley Graham was once again singled out when tWitch introduced the next item: "Never have I ever tried breast milk more than once." This hilarious admission drew even more disbelief from tWitch and wife Allison, who cackled as Graham bemusedly smiled through her sorta-explanation for why she's tried her own breast milk.

Yes, I put a little bit, like, you know, just to try a little bit. It tastes good. A little sip.

Ashley Graham then went over the top and asked Allison Holker Boss if she'd ever just cocked back and sprayed breast milk as far as she could. Perhaps non-surprisingly, Graham appeared to be the only one who'd ever done that before, too. She's an open-minded (and open-mouthed) mother, clearly, and she even gave tWitch some advice on how to catch some of Boss' milk in his mouth. Things get weird when Ellen DeGeneres isn't around.

The topic then jumped from breast milk to "the kind of pee that only comes out whenever you make sudden and/or just normal everyday movements," as tWitch brought up having "accidents" while exercising. Yet again, Ashley Graham was quick to get her "Mama Has" sign up, explaining it like it was a matter of elementary logic.

I mean, what? I pee every time I jump rope. The pants get wet.

The segment ended with everyone back to sharing the experience of having had sex in the room where one's baby is sleeping. Because, as Ashley Graham asked, "Where else are you gonna do it?" Assuming there's enough energy to go around, that is.

When it comes to breastfeeding, Ashley Graham has let the world know that's how she's been sending nutrition along to her and husband Justin Ervin's nine-month-old son Isaac Menelik Giovanni. One of her most recent Instagram posts is a shot of Isaac standing and feeding from her breast as she sits outside. None of her sleeping just yet, though.

Stay tuned for more on Ashley Graham's shame-free parenting skills, and keep current with our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule to see what new and returning shows are on the way soon.

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