True Blood's Stephen Moyer Is Heading Back To Horror For A New TV Show

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It has been six years since HBO's True Blood went off the air, and now one of its stars has boarded a new TV show. Stephen Moyer is heading back to television screens in a return to the horror genre. Will Moyer’s new TV role be anything like his character on True Blood? Here is what you need to know.

Deadline reports that Stephen Moyer has boarded creator James Seale’s 10-episode horror series, Safehaven, not be confused with the Julianne Hough/Josh Duhamel movie with a similar name but very different premise. Moyer’s show finds him playing John Rayburn, an enigmatic new school counselor. John is determined to save Safehaven’s protagonist, Jenna Frost (Queen America’s Bella Shouse), even though his methods might endanger her life and his.

Safehaven will reportedly find Stephen Moyer’s John uncovering his own “personal demons,” and I already have a theory. Could one of them be that he was never around for his daughter growing up? Could Jenna be his biological daughter, and that is why Moyer’s John is going to all of this trouble to save her?

This does not sound like it will be a comic book show à la Moyer’s past TV showThe Gifted on Fox, which ended in February 2019. That said, there will be a comic book element in that Jenna is a high-school-aged comic book artist who is plagued by frightening visions of her drawings coming to life.

These terrifying visions also threaten everyone around her. Jenna and Stephen Moyer’s character are not the only ones involved in the drama. Antonio Cipriano’s Will is a passionate soul who wants to help Jenna, but Jenna is conflicted over letting him help her or not. It will be wild to find out what ends up happening, and if my long-lost-father theory proves to be true.

The very good news here is that Stephen Moyer is coming back to television within the horror genre. The True Blood star has not remained a stranger to TV. Interestingly, he starred in the second season of an ITV show called Safe House.

Time will tell if Stephen Moyer’s wife and True Blood co-star Anna Paquin will have any advice for her husband this go around. Regardless, Moyer, Paquin, and the rest of their fellow True Blood stars have remained busy since it wrapped. As a fan of the show, it feels like both just yesterday and another lifetime ago that happened.

When will fans get to check out Stephen Moyer’s latest TV saga? Production on Safehaven is set to begin in January 2021 in Louisiana. True Blood was also set in Louisiana. This news is kind of full circle for Moyer, and I am here for it.

Safehaven does not have a premiere date yet. It is impossible for it to arrive before this fall’s premieres. The earliest I suppose it could be out is in 2021. That seems a bit hopeful, in my opinion, though. While you wait for Stephen Moyer’s next TV show, you can take a bite out of all seven seasons of True Blood streaming on HBO Max.

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