Why Supernatural's Amara Feels 'Allegiance' To Both God And Dean In Season 15

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The countdown to the series finale of Supernatural is on, and the build to the final battle between God and the Winchesters is only getting more complicated. Amara's return to the show added another very powerful variable to the situation, but God's twin sister refused to commit to one side or the other even when reminded of everything God had done to her. Actress Emily Swallow spoke with CinemaBlend about Amara in Supernatural Season 15, including the relationship with her brother and dynamic with Dean.

Emily Swallow, who also starred in Haunting of the Mary Celeste just in time for Halloween, shared how she views the relationship between God and Amara, saying:

I like what they've been doing this whole season where, our understanding in Season 11, at least to everyone on the outside, is that Chuck is good and Amara is bad. But what I really connected to in Amara is that the reason that she was doing horrible things is because she was feeling misunderstood. And she felt like she wasn't listened to and you know, here she is looking for the only the only other being that she has a familial connection to and he's nowhere to be found. And there's no one explaining to her why she had to spend eons, you know, locked up in some cave, box, whatever. And so she was a little disgruntled. And I like that this season they're making it even more gray. It's not black and white as to who is good and who is bad. And I like that even though she is not particularly fond of him right now, she still feels sort of an allegiance to him.

Since Amara debuted as a destructive entity known as "The Darkness" who opposed God, it's not altogether surprising that she came across as a villain. That said, Season 15 revealed that Amara and God are not only siblings, but twins, and she feels a natural allegiance to him. Who could really judge her for that in the grand scheme of the show, considering everything else we've seen siblings do for each other over the years on Supernatural?

Supernatural has pretty clearly painted God as the bad guy ever since the end of Season 14, but Dean managed to get through to Amara when they reunited just a few episodes ago. Unfortunately, Dean also lied and told Amara that he could never hurt her, despite the fact that his plan is to kill both Amara and God. Lying to Amara about something so huge is a gamble that really relies on her dying before the truth comes out, and gambles haven't been working so well for the Winchesters.

Emily Swallow went on to explain Amara's allegiance to Dean in Season 15 after they had a heavy conversation (and some pierogies):

And I think that they left her in a very interesting place where she's sort of having to choose between her twin, her brother, and Dean, who is the only like person that she's really felt has understood her and has given her a chance and has really listened to her. I mean, even back in Season 11 when he was conflicted about it all, he still listened and he gave her a place to to kind of voice what she was feeling. So I feel like she's always felt sort of an allegiance to him. So I like that she's in this difficult place now at the end of [Season] 15 where she's having to choose.

Having to choose between her twin brother who nonetheless abandoned her for eons and the human who listened when the stakes are so high can't be an easy decision even for a being as powerful as Amara, and it may come down to the little variables that decide how her story goes and ends in these final episodes of Supernatural. The importance of family has been a key element of the show from the very beginning, but found family has been a theme as well, particularly once Castiel joined the team.

As for the final episodes of the series, we already know a couple of key actors who unfortunately won't be back before the end, and Supernatural actually had to cut something from the series finale due to COVID-19. There are still stories that need to be resolved, not the least of which is Castiel's deal with The Empty. Here's hoping that Supernatural doesn't resolve that one by killing him off again, and keeping him dead!

The final episodes of Supernatural will air Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. If you need some viewing options for after the series finale, be sure to check out our 2020 fall TV premiere schedule!

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