Why Disney+’s Female-Led Star Wars TV Show Sounds Even More Exciting Now

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The Star Wars franchise may have pumped the brakes on theatrical projects for the time being, but it continues to expand into exciting new territory through television. So far, audiences have been more than entertained with The Mandalorian, which is already in its second season. There’s also the highly anticipated Obi-Wan limited series, which will reacquaint audiences with Ewan McGregor’s fan-favorite Jedi. The most mysterious project on the slate, though, would have to be the female-led TV series, which is being spearheaded by Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland.

Details on Leslye Headland’s Star Wars show are being kept on a need-to-know basis, but she has provided a few cool tidbits about what we can expect. For instance, she recently confirmed that the series takes place during a previously untapped timeline in the Star Wars universe:

I would say it’s in a pocket of the universe and a pocket of the timeline that we don’t know much about… I kind of see, if Star Wars is a religion. I like to think of my show as a tent revival. You can come over if you want to. We’re going to be talking about some cool stuff.

During her recent chat on Fantastic Frankey, Leslye Headland also revealed that the show will introduce fresh elements to canon. This includes some new characters:

There’s going to be some things we haven’t discussed in the canon yet. There are going to be some characters you don’t know about.

The idea of Headland’s Star Wars show featuring a new time period and characters is definitely exciting. In the past few years, shows like The Mandalorian and Star Wars Rebels have proven that there are plenty of fresh stories to tell in this cosmic sandbox. And what could set Headland’s show apart from other Star Wars projects is that she’s approaching it from a unique creative standpoint – one that relies more on geographic cues and even takes inspiration from Indiana Jones:

For me, it’s less about going through the Star Wars universe cinematically or artistically, I’m actually kind of combing through it geographically and going on a literal journey. When we were pitching, I had my designer create that Indiana Jones-like ‘and then we go here and then we go here,’ with the little dotted red line like, ‘this is our journey, this is where we’re going.’

Based on Leslye Headland’s comments, it sounds like the show will be true action-adventure series and, as a longtime Star Wars fan, it’s safe to assume that she’s put quite a bit of thought into her vision. It’ll be interesting to learn about the show’s exact setting and the kind of characters it will bring into the fold. Any concrete news is probably a ways out, but this news is still more than enough to get us hyped for what’s to come!

Erik Swann
Senior Content Producer

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