Looks Like Sam Heughan’s Still Missing Outlander Months After Being 'Excited' To Get Back To Set

Sam Heughan's hair in Outlander Season 5 trailer

If there’s any cast that has been champing at the bit to get back to set it would be the cast of Outlander. Series lead Sam Heughan has made no bones about being ready to start work once more, and while he’s kept busy with his Clanlands project with Graham McTavish, it’s not the same things. Now he’s agreeing heavily with a post about missing the long-running series.

This week, Starz shared a good look at some fun Outlander behind-the-scenes moments. In the post, we get a look at Sam Heughan prepped for battle, the cast hugging and having fun and Caitriona Balfe looking delightfully happy. The post is accompanied by a comment about missing Outlander during the Droughtlander and Sam Heughan agreed with a fitting emoji.

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I know it’s just an emoji; however, it really does serve to again note that Sam Heughan is ready to get back to work on Outlander Season 6 on Starz. The actor previously said that he was ready for “no more Zoom calls” and thinks the upcoming season will be really special. He noted:

First, I will be excited there will be no more Zoom calls. We can all drink to that. I am excited to see where Jamie goes this season, but to be honest, we now have six, almost seven, years of experience behind us. We have scenes, we have characters, we have things in the books we haven’t covered. We can call back on stuff. We have seen there are other time travelers out there. It feels as though the universe is opening up a bit more for us to draw upon, as well for the writers. For the actors, we have all that experience with each other. We know how each other works now and, most of the time, we enjoy working together.

That interview came out over the summer and he was already ready to be moving forward with new episodes at that point, so I'd imagine given it's three months later, he's really ready now. In fact, other members of the cast have expressed a desire to get back as well. (Including Richard Rankin, who said he's "desperate.") While Outlander Season 6 is not officially back in production yet, the hope is that the show will get back to work soon. Some pre-production work has already started, in fact and he mentioned to Live with Kelly and Ryan that he did some costuming. However, Maril Davis, a producer on the show, has also mentioned just how not Covid-friendly the Starz drama is, which has been presenting a problem.

It’s no wonder they are ready to roll and not simply due to boredom. In addition to having something to do, it's worth noting the cast of Outlander is also notably close, so I'd assume they miss the routine of seeing one another as well. Graham McTavish even said during a NYCC interview earlier this year that the “core group” just really “got on” with one another before his exit, noting at the time:

One of the great things about that show was how everybody got on together. Especially the core group, the Highlanders, Caitriona… we all got on. We had a really good time. And I see a lot of Sam; I see quite a bit of Caitriona and I see a lot of Duncan… we’ve become very close.

At the end of the day, Sam Heughan is not the only person ready for Outlander Season 6. The series has taken longer than expected to hit the airwaves in the past, but 2020 has presented its own set of challenges. Suffice to say, when the show finally does come back, a lot of people will be very excited and it seems as if we can included Heughan in that number. For now, check out what's coming this winter with our full schedule.

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