My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Is Chase Severino's Night Club Still Open?

Warning! The following contains spoilers for Season 8 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Read at your own risk!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been slowly rolling out the details of the failed engagement between Whitney Thore and Chase Severino, and fans are getting a real look at all the things that lead to the end of their relationship. As many are now aware, the trouble really started when Chase helped open up a night club in Wilmington, North Carolina, but did that night club last longer than the couple's relationship?

Viewers may be curious about that, because a quick look at Amplify Night Club on social media won't reveal many answers. In fact, the Facebook page's last picture was from when Whitney visited the bar when the latest episode filmed in March, and has the following message attached:

Thank you to @whitneywaythore for coming out with @severinbro7 on Saturday! Next weekend all events are cancelled, see everyone soon.

Bars remained closed in North Carolina until early October, and even then sources like News & Observer said many bars in the state remained close due to the strict restrictions in place. An Instagram page seemingly promoting Amplify's Latin Nights posted an update in July about new seating for its patio, but as mentioned, bars in the state were shut down during this period.

Given the strain that such a long shutdown has caused for many businesses, and the lack of information on social media, CinemaBlend placed a call to Amplify Night Club to see if Chase Severino's business is still up and running. A person who answered the phone explained that while the bar is still currently closed due to the governor's shutdown, there are plans for the bar to open within the next two weeks. Of course, things can always change in a pandemic, so it's a possibility that date may be pushed back if the situation worsens.

So for any My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans curious about whether Chase's night club survived COVID-19 shutdowns, it appears the answer is yes. That being said, it was already worth noting that Chase Severino was still spending a lot of time in Wilmington, even though the bar wasn't hosting events for months. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and one can't necessarily blame Whitney Thore for not seeing the writing on the wall when she didn't have all the information. Perhaps next time she'll heed the advice of family and friends should they ever suggest that the relationship she's in is moving too fast, as many did with Chase.

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