My Big Fat Fabulous Life Season 8 Premiere Makes Buddy Bell Look Like A Psychic

Warning! The following contains spoilers for My Big Fat Fabulous Life's Season 8 premiere, called "Wedding Bells Are Ringing." Read at your own risk!

My Big Fat Fabulous Life returned for Season 8, and as fans are well aware, this season is headed towards one big devastating moment. Whitney Way Thore and Chase Severino were engaged at the end of Season 7, and it seemed like the two were about to embark on a great love story. Now the news is out that Chase cheated on Whitney with another woman, and is expecting a child. The incident ended the couple's relationship, and understandably, devastated Whitney.

The Season 8 premiere was far removed from that moment, focusing instead on a cabin trip with Whitney and her friends in which everyone was eager to talk about the engagement. Well, everyone except Buddy Bell, who I have to admit looked like a psychic as he butted up against Whitney, the rest of his friends, and perhaps most importantly, Chase's "new rules."

Chase Severino was not happy about Buddy Bell's close relationship with Whitney Way Thore and thought the touching between them was over the line. Whitney agreed the dynamic wasn't appropriate now that she was engaged, and decided to address the issue with Buddy in a very public manner in front of the rest of their friends when Chase stepped away to put on his swimsuit. Buddy felt attacked not just by the way his friends ganged up on him, but because he felt like it wasn't Chase's place to put rules on how he interacts with Whitney.

Buddy went on later in the confessional to say that he felt that Chase was slowly controlling aspects of Whitney's life, and agreed along with other friends that it seemed odd the two had gotten so serious so soon into their relationship. Truth be told, My Big Fat Fabulous Life's producers certainly could've been laying the groundwork for Buddy to get a jealous edit, like he was mad for his friend's happiness and potentially an angry scorned lover.

Now, knowing what we know, Buddy Bell came out looking like the one soothsaying friend who wasn't afraid to tell Whitney Way Thore that something seemed off about the whole situation. Unfortunately, Whitney wasn't trying to hear any of it, and the two ended up getting into a fight over her attempting to crawl over a log that may result in him leaving the cabin weekend early. Obviously, Buddy will get the last laugh in the end, though judging from how close he is with Whitney, he may not have been all that happy about being right.

Fans will obviously be curious about whether or not there's a future for Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thore after Chase Severino, but the answer is already no. The two did spend some time in quarantine together (via but have since mutually confirmed that a relationship between the two of them is just not in the cards. Oh well, always great to have a close friend who has your back, and there are plenty of fish in the sea for Whitney.

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