New Batwoman Javicia Leslie Reveals A Behind-The-Scenes Look At New Season 2 Stunt

Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder/Batwoman for Batwoman

Like many of its fellow Arrowverse (or CWverse) shows, Batwoman is now back in production! Of course, Season 2 of the superhero series is going to look a bit different with the addition of lead actress Javicia Leslie, who will be playing new Scarlet Knight Ryan Wilder. Just as fans are excited to see what Leslie does in the role, she herself is pumped to be playing a superhero and, with filming now in progress, it’s all starting to sink in. This was crystal clear when she shared a post teasing a cool stunt for the show.

Javicia Leslie’s Twitter post showed her doing a bit of wire work, as she was strapped to a harness and lifted to the sky. And while in the air, the actress yelled out a passionate “fuck yeah!” Check out the post below for the awesome clip and for more of Leslie gushing about her “dream job”:

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It’s definitely clear that Javicia Leslie is enjoying the stunt work that comes with the role. She’s previously stated that she had prior experience with Muay Thai and kickboxing, which honestly makes her even more of a fit for the role. Being the star of the show, she obviously can’t perform every single stunt, due to safety reasons. However, it’s great to see that she’s making the most of what she can do.

For Leslie, taking on the mantle of a DC Comics character really is a dream come true. She previously revealed that as a young woman, she actually looked up to legendary Catwoman actress Eartha Kitt. Beyond Kitt’s scene-stealing performance as one of Batman’s greatest foes, Leslie was also inspired by Kitt’s social activism and general mentality as a person.

Taking on the role of Ryan Wilder was particularly exciting for Javicia Leslie because she’s found so many similarities between the character and herself. She loves the idea of being a superhero, but it sounds like she’s relishing the opportunity to play a complex one that she refers to as “a hot mess.”

The part also holds an even deeper meaning for the up-and-coming actress, as it marks yet another milestone in representation within the superhero genre. As a Black woman, Leslie understands how important it is for young, Black girls to see someone who looks like them on screen. This sentiment of representation also extends to the LGBTQ community, as Leslie – who is bisexual -- feels “honored” to be able to serve as a voice for the community.

One can’t help but be excited for Javicia Leslie as she begins this new chapter of her career. She really is living out every fan’s dream, and it’s cool that we can somewhat live vicariously through her behind-the-scenes updates.

Batwoman Season 2 premieres Sunday, January 17, 2021 on The CW, and you can catch up on the show by streaming the first season on HBO Max.

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