How Vincent D’Onofrio Is Still Trying To Save Daredevil Two Years After Cancellation

The Marvel Cinematic Universe series created for Netflix were, overall, pretty good. There were some low points, but there were some incredibly high points as well. Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk was, without question one of those high points. His portrayal of Marvel's Kingpin was quite possibly the single greatest performance across the various series, and D'Onofrio himself has made it clear he loved playing the role, and he very much wants to do it again. Even two years later, he's still campaigning for the gig.

Vincent D'Onofrio recently retweeted a petition that was created on specifically to "Save Daredevil." The petition itself was created shortly after the cancellation of Daredevil by Netflix, but it's seeing new life because, as the original post points out, the possibility of Daredevil coming back is actually, maybe, about to get much greater. D'Onofrio specifically asks his followers to sign the petition, showing that this isn't just a passing fancy for him. He really wants that job back.

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It will be interesting to see if we get a resurgence of interest in the Marvel/Netflix series as we reach the two year anniversary of the official cancelation of Daredevil by Netflix. It was reported at the time that the deal between the two stated that the characters used in the Netflix series could not be used in new movies or series for a period of two years, but if we're about to bypass that date, it means that Daredevil, Kingpin, and the rest, could potentially make their way back into the MCU in some form.

Could we see Marvel simply rehire all the actors from the Netflix series to reprise their roles, either as a direct continuation of those series or as "new" versions of identical characters? Jamie Foxx is currently on board the next MCU Spider-Man movie playing what is reported to be a new version of the exact same character he played in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so the idea that Marvel could just bring back Vincent D'Onofrio's Kingpin is far from crazy.

The Netflix series were technically all part of the same Marvel Cinematic Universe that the films built, but the references to the films found in the series were largely just pieces of dialogue and the shows never factored into the films. If Marvel wanted to just write-off the Netflix shows as non-cannon and bring new versions of the characters into the MCU via films or Disney+ series, that wouldn't be surprising, but certainly if they did that, the new actors would have big shoes to fill, and none are bigger than Vincent D'Onofrio's.

It's possible that's exactly what's happening, however. Some rumors have indicated that Daredevil might actually appear in the forthcoming Spider-Man movie, but Charlie Cox, who played the role for Netflix, made it clear that if that is, in fact, happening, he's not involved.

Because not all the elements of the Netflix series were as well regarded - I'm looking at you Iron Fist - It will be interesting to see how Marvel handles these characters. It seems more than likely that we will see them again, but if the plan isn't to bring them all back exactly as we knew them, we could see the characters all get rebooted into new movies or series. Still, that doesn't mean Vincent D'Onofrio can't just come back and play a "new" version of the same, near perfect, Kingpin.

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