The Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco Sends Sweet Message To The Show's Fans For Supporting The Flight Attendant

Kaley Cuoco as Penny on The Big Bang Theory

Kaley Cuoco is venturing into new territory as an actor with her role in the HBO Max miniseries, The Flight Attendant. However, many still see Cuoco as the funny and sweet Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Because she played the role for 12 years, it’s understandable that fan would continue to associate her with the role, and Cuoco is fully conscious of this. That’s why she recently took some time to thank Big Bang fans as The Flight Attendant made its HBO Max debut.

The Flight Attendant premiered on HBO Max on Thanksgiving Day but, before the premiere, Kaley Cuoco took to Instagram with another Cup of Cuoco video. In it, she thanked the fans for their positive comments and shouted out the show’s cast and crew for coming together to create the project.

The actress also made it a point to send her thanks to fans of The Big Bang Theory. She understands that it’s probably hard for them to see her as someone other than Penny, but she still appreciates those who have chosen to embrace her latest project:

I appreciate you Big Bang Theory fans who maybe really loved Penny for so long and find it hard to turn that off and look at me in a different way and follow me down this path. I know that can be really hard. I appreciate the people that took the chance, maybe even if you were unsure, you’re take this 'flight' with me and check out the new show.

It’s nice to see Kaley Cuoco showing love to the fans for their support of her newest endeavor. She brings up a fair point that it’s rarely ever easy for viewers to see an actor in a new role after they’ve played one for so long, but, Big Bang fans seem to be handling this well. You can check out Cuoco’s full video down below:

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Although Cuoco enjoyed her time playing Penny, she was ready to move onto a different kind of role. One of the things that drew her to The Flight Attendant, in particular, is that it allowed her to play a wide range of emotions that she had never been able to convey on screen before.

The Big Bang Theory still holds a special place in Cuoco’s heart though, and she still keeps in touch with her co-stars. She’s also not worried about any future projects not reaching the heights of Big Bang because she places that whirlwind experience in a category of its own.

So far, The Flight Attendant has received highly positive reviews from critics, with many citing its ensemble cast and direction as some of its strongest elements. With this, it looks like Kaley Cuoco’s post-Big Bang Theory career is off to a strong start.

The Flight Attendant is now streaming on HBO Max but, if you’d also like to revisit Kaley Cuoco’s work on The Big Bang Theory, you can also stream that show on the platform.

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