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You’re out doing some holiday shopping for your loved ones the other dayeee when you remember that you know a few particular people (perhaps even including yourself) who do not own any merchandise related to their favorite Hulu exclusive Canadian comedy series. Well, as far as I am concerned, that kind of life deserves a hard no, bud. Luckily, there are enough Letterkenny gifts available online that are pertnear perfect for the occasion.

Now, first off, I recommend you take about 15 percent off the top there before you start clicking on every novelty item related to the series, which is preparing to drop Season 9 on December 26, 2020, on Hulu. If you really want this to be the best Christmas ever for the Letterkenny fan in your life (or whatever holiday they tend to celebrate), you best be prepared to make sure you are not just collecting any spare parts. You need to be prepared for the possibility that they already own a hat with a Letterkenny logo on it or a set of shot glasses with Wayne, Daryl, Katie, and Squirrelly Dan’s faces on it.

For someone whose dedication to a show like Letterkenny is harder than 10-ply, you best be sure you have a gift picked out for them that is just as strong or risk the tarps coming off. Hopefully, the following gifts we have compiled below will give you a perfect idea of what to pick out so you don’t have airballs hogging up your wish list. So, pitter patter, let’s Advent… er and start off with a gift that is particularly relevant to the time, not to mention necessary.

Letterkenny Face Mask

Give Viruses A Hard No With This Letterkenny Face Mask

In a time when wearing facial protection has become the new normal in an effort to protect yourself (and others) from the effects of Covid-19, people have been getting creative with face masks that show some real personality - sometimes through the lens of pop culture references. For a fan of Letterkenny, no phrase is better suited for social distancing than “hard no,” and this adjustable mask made of comfortable, windproof polyester bears those very words under underneath an unmistakable drawing of the series’ co-creator and star Jared Keeso as Wayne. You couldn’t have better help for keeping “the Native Flu” than the toughest guy in Letterkenny on your face.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny Hockey Jersey

You Won’t Look So Awkward, Bud, With This Letterkenny Hockey Jersey

While we are on the topic of expressing personality through fashion, why stop at a facial garment used for public safety? The Letterkenny fan in your life will be never prouder to be a fan than when they can dress like their favorite hockey player from the show with this authentic Shamrocks team jersey. Embroidered on the back is name and player number of Shoresy - whose personality I would hope is not too similar to your loved one.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny License Plate Frame

Tell Drivers To Pitter Patter With This Letterkenny License Plate Frame

While you are out and about, perhaps heading to Mod3an’s for a Puppers, who says you only need the clothes on your back (or mask on your face) to show off some love for Letterkenny? Arguably the most famous and quotable line from the series is printed on this license plate frame made of durable, black plastic. Plus, it will notify any driver in front of you close enough to read the printing to “pitter patter” and speed up to “get at ‘er.”

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny Ferda Flag

Get This Letterkenny Flag Ferda Boys On Your Local Hockey Team

However, I do not, under any circumstances, recommend waving a full-size flag from a pole installed in your truck bed to promote your Letterkenny fandom while driving. I do believe that if your loved one can find a place to post it that does not create hazardous road conditions, this durable, 3’ X 5’ polyester flag would be a great gift ferda boys. Giving this flag to someone often teased for the being the “schmelt” of their hockey team would be especially appreciated.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny Keychain

Your Loved One Will Surely Appreciates This Letterkenny Keychain

Speaking of appreciation, K. Trevor Wilson’s character Squirrelly Dan often likes to express how much he “appreciates” the people in his life (which, in this case, is grammatically correct). However, the grammatically incorrect phrasing of his signature catchphrase (often directed at Michelle Mylett’s character Katie) from Letterkenny is stamped on this high-quality stainless steel keychain. Any loved one would certainly “appreciates” you for such a gift.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny Allegedly Ostrich T-Shirt

Every Letterkenny Fan Needs This Ostrich T-Shirt… Allegedly

Other than “That’s what I appreciates about you,” if there is one quote that best defines Squirrelly Dan, it is his response when anyone claims that the Ginger once fucked an ostrich: “allegedly.” Your beloved Letterkenny fan will have a blast picking out other fans of the show who understand the reference on this T-Shirt. Embroidered with the silhouette of said flightless bird on a beautiful sunset above Dan’s immortalized singular catchphrase, the shirt comes in different sizes and colors to make it just right for anyone.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkeny Puppers Pint Glass

Get Your Loved One A Puppers In This Letterkenny Pint Glass

You know, I actually tried to find a retailer that would ship Puppers (Wayne’s preferred beer choice originally created just for Letterkenny before a Canadian brewery made into a real beverage) by mail, but no dice. Instead, I believe I may have found the next best thing to help quench that unattainable desire. This pint glass bearing a recreation of the brand’s official logo that may be the closest thing you can get to sharing a brew with Wayne, Daryl, Katie, Squirrelly Dan, and other Letterkenny locals.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny Cooler Bag

Bring Everyone A Puppers With This Letterkenny Cooler Bag

On the days when you wish that you could share a brew with a group of fictional characters, at least you can be happy to know some people who exist to spend that time with. Remind a friend or family member of yours that you are one of those people with this official Letterkenny cooler bag big enough to transport and preserve everything you need for a good picnic. In addition to its classic Hick-style plaid design and signature dog head logo embroidery, the bag has a built-in bottle opener to make sure the satisfaction of a cold one is always close at hand.

Buy it on Letterkenny.tv here.

Letterkenny Wooden Coaster Set

The Toughest Coasters In Letterkenny

If the Letterkenny lover in your life intends to have a friendly get-together indoors instead of an outdoor picnic (which may be the better choice this time of year depending on your local climate), you all better make sure you find a safe place to rest your beverages. Thankfully, we live in a time when protecting any indoor surfaces susceptible to moisture damage can also be a chance to add a decorative flair to one’s home, such as with these legendary, custom-made, wooden drink coasters. Each product is a slice from a genuine tree stump engraved with 23 recognizable images or texts related to show to choose from.

Buy it on Etsy here.

Letterkenny Drink Coozie Set

The Toughest Drink Coozies In Letterkenny

Of course, sometimes a sufficient alternative to a drink coaster is a drink coozie, which also doubles as an individual cooler for your beverage, so to speak. Your loved one will be able to keep their furniture fresh, their drinks cold, their hands dry, and their love of the show Letterkenny proudly known to the world with these coozies bearing all your favorite phrases from the phrases, including “Pitter Patter” and “How’re Ya Now?” The durable, neoprene sleeves come in a pack of four, each of which fit snuggly over any standard-size aluminum can or glass bottle.

Buy it on Amazon here.

Letterkenny Wall Poster

Decorate The Farm To Completion With This Super Soft Letterkenny Poster

I believe that the best way, however, that a Letterkenny fan can show how they “appreciates” the cult hit comedy series is to decorate their home with some fancy wall art inspired by the show. A Texas-sized Grade A example of such a product is this piece bearing the unmistakable silhouette of your main favorite characters - Wayne, Daryl, Katie, and Squirrelly Dan. The 16” x 24” poster is printed on a glossy material with high-quality black ink and can be applied to most surfaces in various indoor environments and safely removed for reuse.

Buy it on Amazon here.

What do you think? Have you never seen a greater assortment of potential holiday gifts for the biggest fans of Letterkenny you know (yourself included), or do said fans already own most of this merchandise, and with better quality at that? Well, I suggest you take another decent look at our list and let it marinate before you go on getting all gutty about it and then be sure to check back for additional information and updates on the hilarious show from the Great White North, as well as even more gift ideas for your the pop culture lovers in your life, here on CinemaBlend.

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