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Letterkenny Gift Ideas A True Fan Would Give Texas-Sized 10-4 To

Jared Keeso on Letterkenny
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You’re out doing some holiday shopping for your loved ones the other dayeee when you remember that you know a few who do not own any merchandise related to their favorite Hulu exclusive, Canadian comedy series. Well, as far as I am concerned, that kind of life deserves a hard no, bud. Luckily, there are more than enough Letterkenny gifts available online that are pertnear perfect for the occasion.

Letterkenny poster

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Decorate The Farm To Completion With This Super Soft Letterkenny Quote Poster

There are enough memorable and hilarious catchphrases on Letterkenny to hold an entire conversation with. To help ensure your loved one isn’t throwing airballs in that event, give them this art print with an illustration of Wayne (series co-creator Jared Keeso) surrounded by a Texas-sized ensemble of the funniest, oft-quoted lines from the series.

Buy Letterkenny Quote Poster on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Pop Socket

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This Letterkenny Pop Socket Really Pops

I would go so far as to call the Pop Socket one of the most valuable inventions of our time for three reasons: it makes your phone easier to hold onto, it doubles as a kickstand for when watching videos, and it works as a form of expression. Allow your beloved Letterkenny fan the opportunity to express their love for the series (among the product’s other practical uses, of course) with this Pop Socket bearing the comedy’s adorable, official logo.

Buy Letterkenny Pop Socket on Amazon here (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Wayne and Gus Funko Pop! set

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Bring Letterkenny’s Wayne And Gus Home With You

Speaking of adorable, there is nothing cuter in the world of pop culture collectibles than Funko Pop!’s line of vinyl figures designed after your favorite high-profile people and characters. The characters of Letterkenny have the honor of being a part of that line-up, including this set of figures that includes both Wayne drinking a Puppers and accompanied by his own pupper, Gus.

Buy Letterkenny Wayne and Gus Funko Pop! Set on Ozzie Collectables.

Letterkenny Holiday Coffee Mug

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Remember To Honor Holiday Tradition With This Letterkenny Coffee Mug

If there is one thing that we learned from one of the best Letterkenny episodes (obviously one of its holiday specials) it is that you do not fuck with tradition. What a better way to reiterate that lesson than with this keepsake coffee mug bearing an image of Wayne looking as jolly as ever… probably from drinking.

Buy Letterkenny Holiday Coffee Mug on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Mod3an's Hoodie

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Support Your Local Bar With This Letterkenny Mod3an’s Hoodie

Speaking of drinking, the Letterkenny cast do plenty of that in their downtime and, most often, at their pal Gail’s (Lisa Codrington) pub Modean’s, which is currently in its third generation and renamed “Mod3an’s”. Honor the fact that this beloved bar is still standing (for now) with this hoodie bearing its official logo.

Buy Letterkenny Mod3an’s Hoodie on TeePublic (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Hockey Jersey

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The Letterkenny fan in your life will be never prouder to be a fan than when they can dress like their favorite hockey player from the show with this authentic Shamrocks team jersey. Embroidered on the back is the name and player number of Shoresy - whose personality I would hope is not too similar to your loved one.

Buy Letterkenny Hockey Jersey on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny keychain

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Your Loved One Will Surely Appreciates This Letterkenny Keychain

K. Trevor Wilson’s character Squirrely Dan often likes to express how much he “appreciates” the people in his life (which, in this case, is grammatically correct). However, the grammatically incorrect phrasing of his signature oft-repeated quote (usually directed toward Michelle Mylett’s character Katie) from Letterkenny is stamped on this high-quality stainless steel keychain. Any loved one would certainly “appreciates” you for such a gift.

Buy Letterkenny “Appreciates” Quote Keychain on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny T-Shirt

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Every Letterkenny Fan Needs This Ostrich T-Shirt… Allegedly

Other than “That’s what I appreciates about you,” if there is one quote that best defines Squirrely Dan, it is his response when anyone claims that the Ginger once fucked an ostrich: “allegedly.” Your beloved Letterkenny fan will have a blast picking out other fans of the show who understand the reference on this T-Shirt. Embroidered with the silhouette of said flightless bird on a beautiful sunset above Dan’s immortalized singular catchphrase, the shirt comes in different sizes and colors to make it just right for anyone.

Buy Letterkenny Allegedly T-Shirt on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Puppers Pint Glass

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Get Your Loved One A Puppers In This Letterkenny Pint Glass

You know, I actually tried to find a retailer that would ship Puppers (Wayne’s preferred beer originally created for Letterkenny before a Canadian brewery made it into a real beverage) by mail, but no dice. Instead, I believe I may have found the next best thing to help quench that unattainable desire. This pint glass bearing a recreation of the brand’s official logo may be the closest thing you can get to sharing a brew with Wayne, Daryl, Katie, Squirrely Dan, and other Letterkenny locals.

Buy Letterkenny Puppers Pint Glass on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Wooden Coaster Set

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The Toughest Coasters In Letterkenny

If the Letterkenny lover in your life intends to have a friendly get-together indoors instead of an outdoor picnic (which may be the better choice this time of year depending on your local climate), you all better make sure you find a safe place to rest your beverages. Thankfully, we live in a time when protecting any indoor surfaces susceptible to moisture damage can also be a chance to add a decorative flair to one’s home, such as with these legendary, custom-made, wooden drink coasters. Each product is a slice from a genuine tree stump engraved with 23 recognizable images or texts related to show to choose from.

Buy Letterkenny Wooden Coasters on Etsy (opens in new tab).

Letterkenny Drink Coozies Set

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The Toughest Drink Coozies In Letterkenny

Of course, sometimes a sufficient alternative to a drink coaster is a drink coozie, which also doubles as an individual cooler for your beverage, so to speak. Your loved one will be able to keep their furniture fresh, their drinks cold, their hands dry, and their love of the show Letterkenny proudly known to the world with these coozies bearing all your favorite phrases from the phrases, including “Pitter Patter” and “How’re Ya Now?” The durable, neoprene sleeves come in a pack of 4, 6, or 12, each of which fit snuggly over any standard-size aluminum can or glass bottle.

Buy Letterkenny Drink Coozies on Amazon (opens in new tab).

Have you ever seen a greater assortment of potential holiday gifts for the biggest fans of Letterkenny? Or, would you say those fans might already own most of this merchandise, and with better quality at that? Well, I suggest you take another decent look at our list and let it marinate before you go on getting all gutty about it.

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