How Naya Rivera Is Being Honored By The Cast Of Glee During The Holiday Season

Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez for Glee

The death of Naya Rivera rocked the entertainment world earlier this year. This past summer, the actress and singer went missing while boating with her son on California’s Lake Piru before the 33-year-old star’s body was found a few days later. Rivera’s death was followed by a wave of tributes across Hollywood, particularly from her Glee co-stars. While processing their grief, the cast has also found positive ways to pay tribute to their late colleague and, now, they’re continuing to do so over the holiday season.

Matthew Morrison recently revealed that he and his follow Glee alums are joining together to continue an initiative that Naya Rivera actually started. The charity, lovingly known as Snixxmas, was a way for Rivera to celebrate and raise money for a great cause, as Morrison told ET:

It was a really challenging year to lose yet another member of our cast, but we've just bonded together so much through this experience. Naya used to do this thing called Snixxmas, because that was one of her little nicknames, Snixx. It's something that the Glee cast -- we're talking about kind of like reviving it this year. Doing some kind of thing for charity, or something to kind of honor her.

I can’t think of a better way for the cast of Glee to honor Naya Rivera this holiday, and they already seem to be doing her proud. As of this writing, Matthew Morrison and the cast have already raised over $77,000 for the cause. Morrison also posted about Snixxmas on Instagram:

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The money raised for Snixxmas goes towards Alexandria House, a Los Angeles-based residence that provides transitional housing for women both with and without children. The statement on Snixxmas’ GoFundMe page reflected on Naya Rivera’s work with the organization and stressed that COVID-19 has brought on tough times for many people. This, as the joint statement says, means people can really use a helping hand as holidays approach:

Now more than ever it’s important that we keep the Snixxmas Spirit alive. We won’t be able to throw a big, fabulous party this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give back. We will be making a donation in Naya’s name to Alexandria House. And we have started this GoFundme so that you can contribute too. Let’s make charity a cornerstone of the Snixxmas Legacy.

As mentioned, the cast and crew of Glee have honored Naya Rivera in other generous. One way the show’s creators have done so is by creating a college fund for her own son, Josey. It’s nice to see that they’re all still remembering Rivera. It can’t be easy, especially during this time of the year, but the way they’ve come together is truly special and speaks to the power of their bond.

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