The Bachelorette's Bizarre Tic Tac Moment Somehow Wasn't The Weirdest Noah Twist

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Spoilers ahead for the December 8 episode of The Bachelorette Season 16 on ABC.

Tayshia Adams' journey as the leading lady of The Bachelorette got off to a strange start, and it hasn't gotten any less strange as she got to know the guys trying to win her heart. The December 8 episode picked up where the previous episode left off and revealed the aftermath of Tayshia's two-on-one conversation with Noah Erb and Bennett Jordan. The result was a bizarre moment of Noah chugging most of a container of Tic Tacs, but it somehow wasn't the weirdest Noah twist of the night.

First things first: the Tic Tacs. After Tayshia gave both guys a dressing down for all the drama they generated, she announced that she couldn't keep Bennett around and went to walk him out. While Noah had the room to himself, he threw his head back and downed a solid 3/4 of a full container of Tic Tacs, if not more. Fortunately, he didn't choke on the Tic Tacs or have to spit them all out, but if he thought he was preparing to make out with Tayshia, he was mistaken.

Tayshia gave him a much-deserved lecture as well, and he didn't leave the two-on-one with a rose even though Bennet was sent packing. That in and of itself wasn't that weird, especially when compared to the fact that he'd just swallowed far too many Tic Tacs. The twist that I for one consider even weirder than the minty fresh move was what happened next regarding Noah.

Despite Tayshia having several guys who generated no drama in the house and hadn't just earned themselves a lecture from her, and despite the fact that she'd just denied him a rose, Tayshia gave Noah a rose during the rose ceremony anyway. He's sticking around, and I officially don't understand what Tayshia is thinking with keeping him. Admittedly, I've been a little biased when it comes to Noah ever since I started thinking he looks like Bachelorette alum and Bachelor in Paradise troublemaker Jordan Kimball, but still!

Of all the guys to keep around, Tayshia for some reason went for Noah. I can understand a crazy Tic Tac craving a lot more than I can understand Tayshia considering Noah as a future husband. That said, the Tic Tacs are much more meme-worthy than Tayshia keeping Noah around for now, and there were some great reactions on Twitter. Take a look at some highlights!

All hail the Tic Tac king, I guess? I don't give Noah credit as a contender for Tayshia's heart, but I won't deny that it was impressive that he downed all those Tic Tacs without choking on any of them. We all have our talents!

Will Noah go down as the man who stole Tayshia's heart and puts a ring on her finger at the end of The Bachelorette Season 16? I'm guessing not. Will he be the only one of her suitors who can claim to have mastered the art of chugging Tic Tacs? I think it's safe to say yes on that one.

Assuming Noah doesn't win Tayshia's heart, maybe a sponsorship from Tic Tac would help lessen the heartbreak. That said, Tic Tac may not be dying to land Noah as a spokesperson. I can't say that I particularly want any Tic Tacs after seeing Noah go to town on them.

Even Bachelor Nation spoiler guru Reality Steve got in on the Tic Tac fun, suggesting that Noah going hard on the breath mints was more real than anything else than has happened in this bizarre season. If anybody finds out about a Tic Tac sponsorship early, it has to be Reality Steve. JoJo Fletcher took over for Chris Harrison during a couple of wild weeks!

See what happens next during Tayshia's search for love with new episodes of The Bachelorette, with the next airing on Monday, December 14 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. It will be the men tell-all episode, so viewers can probably count on plenty of drama. A normal episode will follow the next night at 8 p.m. ET. For some viewing options in the new year, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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