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Ahead Of Proposing, Blake Shelton Hid The Ring In His 'Disgusting' Truck, Recalls Gwen Stefani

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton delighted millions of their fans back in October when the duo announced that they were officially engaged after five years of dating. Celebrities usually go all out when it comes time to pop the question, and the tales of how everything went down during that romantic moment for The Voice coaches have not disappointed people who love hearing about down home, folksy proposals. But, while the story of how Shelton actually proposed is very sweet, Stefani is now opening up about the "disgusting" truck where he hid her precious ring beforehand.

Pop superstar Gwen Stefani and country music royalty Blake Shelton have been rolling along as a happily coupled twosome for several years, and have now worked together several times aside from their time coaching champions on The Voice. So, it was no surprise when they let us know that they were planning to head down the aisle at some point in the future. But, it turns out that Shelton didn't have the most elegant place set aside in which to hide Stefani's sparkler

When asked about the proposal by Jimmy Fallon during a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Stefani opened up about a big family trip they were trying to plan, and how it led to the surprise proposal, saying:

So, anyways, we were this close to canceling the trip and we ended up making it all happen, and we were all here at the ranch and basically it happened, but it was like everybody was trying to make it not happen because nobody knew it was going to happen, and Blake, meanwhile, had this ring, I guess, in the side of his truck. And when I say the side of his truck, his truck is disgusting. Like, it is like, things falling out, equipment, total rugged man stuff, mud.

The couple had been attempting to get a lot of their family together on Shelton's ranch in Oklahoma, which is where the couple has spent much of quarantine with Stefani's three sons, and finally managed to make the gathering happen. But, Shelton hadn't told anyone he was planning to use the family time to propose in front of everyone. On top of that, he thought it would be the best idea to hide her ring (which is said to have been custom designed by Shelton and supposedly cost around $500,000) in his ridiculously filthy truck.

I'm of two minds about this. I appreciate that Blake Shelton is just a regular dude with a regular truck in some ways, and that he's filled the thing to bursting with equipment, the aforementioned "rugged man stuff," and that everything in there is just as dirty and muddy as can be. We all know that Shelton probably has enough cash squirreled away to have a person on staff who's only job is to keep his truck clean, but he's too normal for that kind of extravagance. Great!

At the same time, though, keeping any super expensive and important item in a location where it sounds like it could easily be lost to the sands of time? Not great, Shelton! Do just a teensy bit of prep work so you can make as sure as possible that all your hard ring work doesn't end up forgotten on a dirt road before being swallowed whole (box and all) by an intrigued horse who didn't get enough oats that day. Stefani continued:

There's a lot of junk in it, like dirt, so the fact it was in the side of the door... Out of nowhere, he just has this ring in a cabinet. He’s like, ‘Oh, get the fire starter,’ and I open the cabinet and there’s this ring there and I’m like, ‘Are you serious?!’ It was pretty like, ‘What!’ And we both start bawling. Everyone was in shock.

Ahhh, well at least everything turned out alright. Stefani got her ring, a lot of their family got to watch the proposal (including her kids, whom Shelton had previously said he really wanted to be there for the big moment), and now all they have to do is plan the dang wedding!

After Gwen Stefani's winning season of The Voice, she won't be back for Season 20, but Blake Shelton will be there when a new batch of hopefuls show up. There's no premiere date set just yet, but you can check our guide to winter / spring TV for what to watch in the meantime!

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