The Voice Has Revealed The Latest Coach Changes Coming To Season 20

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While The Voice's current season is still in the midst of its Battle rounds, decisions are being made behind the scenes to set up what fans can expect to see for the show's next batch of episodes. Though Season 19 welcomed Gwen Stefani back for her fifth year as a Voice coach, she will once again be vacating her chair after this year's finale. Rather than opting for someone completely new, the producers have locked up another returning coach in actor and musician Nick Jonas.

Fans will recall that Nick Jonas first joined The Voice for Season 18, where he was welcomed by fellow coaches John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. Jonas also won over audiences during his first season, and made more than a few contestants feel like they might be the next addition to the Jonas Brothers act. I can't imagine too many viewers will be upset to see him returning to the show.

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Just as it went from Season 17 into Season 18, Gwen Stefani will be giving up her seat so that Nick Jonas can fill it. No specific reasons were given for why Stefani is bowing out for the next cycle, but she's obviously a busy entertainer beyond The Voice, as well as being a full-time mother. (Incidentally, while fans would love for Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas to suddenly announce they're expecting a new addition to the fam, that hasn't happened yet.)

Check out how Nick Jonas reacted to the news on social media below.

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Interestingly, news of Gwen Stefani's exit comes weeks after news broke that she and Voice co-star Blake Shelton are now formally engaged to be married. She's been showing off that hunk of a ring that Shelton proposed with, too. As already hinted at, it's unclear if the upcoming wedding plans are keeping Stefani away from The Voice, but it doesn't appear as if any of that is keeping Shelton himself from returning for Season 20.

Speaking of being busy, it's a wonder that Kelly Clarkson will presumably maintain her coach's seat for the seventh consecutive season. The lack of touring due to the pandemic has probably helped her keep her schedule open, though hosting her own daily talk show on top of starring on The Voice definitely makes for a hectic timetable. Not to mention the fact that she's currently in the midst of complicated divorce proceedings.

The Voice airs Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC at 8:00 p.m. ET, so be sure to keep watching if you watch to soak up all the Gwen Stefani you can. In the meantime, head to our Fall TV 2020 premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring 2021 TV rundown to see what new and returning shows are coming soon.

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