Blake Shelton Had A Fun Response After The Voice Announced This Year's Winner

Spoilers ahead for the Season 19 finale of The Voice on NBC.

Another season of The Voice has come to an end, and the long-running music competition show managed to recruit a talented crop of competitors despite the pandemic challenges. Blake Shelton didn't coach a competitor to the top prize this time around, but he had a fun response to the singer (and coach) who won Season 19. Gwen Stefani made history when she coached Carter Rubin to success, and Shelton couldn't hold it against his fiancée.

In response to Gwen Stefani sharing a very excited video with Carter Rubin to celebrate Rubin's victory, Blake Shelton posted on Twitter:

Blake Shelton might have wanted to win with either Jim Ranger (who was the Season 19 runner-up) or Ian Flanigan (who came in third), but he's clearly not bitter that his future wife and her young singer are the champions for this latest round of The Voice. Of course, having two contestants in the Final Five and coming in second and third is still pretty great. The other three judges each only had one contestant in the running, with Kelly Clarkson's DeSz coming in fourth and John Legend's John Holiday coming in fifth.

Season 19 also marks Gwen Stefani's last chance for the foreseeable future to take a contestant to the top prize on The Voice. Stefani is leaving the coaching chair behind yet again for Season 20, with Nick Jonas returning for a second season. Jonas made his The Voice coaching debut in Season 18 to fill Stefani's slot at that point too, so it seems that he and Stefani are switching off seasons. Jonas' return should come as good news for fans who were sad to see him go after only one season, and it's not impossible that Stefani will turn up during Season 20.

Although Gwen Stefani won't be around in an official capacity, she is still engaged to Blake Shelton, and she performed in Season 19 as well as coached. Even if she doesn't appear in the next season, she can at least say that she left The Voice on a high note. Not only did Carter Rubin beat out a country singer on a show that seems to crown country singers pretty frequently, but he stands as the youngest male winner in the history of the series at 15-years-old.

As for Blake Shelton, he is the last remaining coach who has been around from the very first season of The Voice, since Adam Levine's departure following Season 16. That said, Carson Daly has been on board as host since the very beginning, but when it comes to experience, it makes sense that Shelton has a solid record of coaching winners. Of the 19 seasons so far, Team Blake has won seven times.

The Voice will return to NBC for Season 20 in the new year, although a premiere date has not been announced. For some viewing during the wait, be sure to check out our 2021 winter and spring premiere schedule.

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