Drake Looks Fit And Healthy In Post-Surgery Photo But Fans Can't Stop Staring At Something Else

While celebrities have plenty of time to look over their selfies before they get posted to the interwebs, the occasional snafu still happens every now and again. In fact, just a few days ago, rapper and actor Drake was showing off his biceps online to give fans an idea of the progress he’s been going through since he dealt with a knee injury in 2020. No shots at Drake’s progress, but fans were, erm, a little distracted and absolutely staring at something else in the image.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on Drake’s Instagram stories in recent weeks, you may know that Drake blew out his knee in what speculation (and photos of the brace he wore after) seem to indicate was probably an ACL injury. He had surgery back in October and has been in recovery for 10 weeks. Unfortunately, the clothes he chose to work out in for his big “recovery” Instagram Stories post were a little tighter than normal and some people online noticed right away.

Fans commenting on Drake's junk after Instagram Stories reveal.

The post was picked up by a few other outlets and rolled around the interwebs, to which fans were not shy about speaking their minds about what they saw in the photo--which certainly wasn’t just gains. One Twitter user called a spade a spade, noting,

Now y’all know damn well ain’t nobody lookin at his arms.

Drake’s fitness level may be impressive right now, but most people who saw the post on Twitter were distracted, and not by his arm muscles. Another Twitter user wrote:

There were muscles in this picture? cuz i was looking-- down. … I was looking down.

The comments on Drake’s choice of pants for the photo only grow more specific from there, with plenty of eggplant emojis and suggestive comments about being a “grower,” “thick” and more. You get the gist, but if you want to get more graphic you can see the full Shade Room thread. Meanwhile, plenty of Twitter users were just seemingly happy to witness Drake’s update in its full glory.

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Drake also shared a separate short video of himself doing squats as part of his knee recovery, noting to his fans that he’s “10 weeks post opp” and he’s “grinding for recovery every day.” So, he really doesn’t seem to have been sitting on his laurels since he injured himself allegedly playing basketball against Steph Curry in a pickup game earlier this year. Drake had already torn and undergone surgery for an ACL injury back in 2009. The last time he injured his knee he continued to tour on the bad ligament for some time, but this time it looks like he took care of the injury before it became nagging.

The one nice thing about 2020 for celebrities is that it has allowed many of them to take a step back and focus on other things outside their personal brands. For Drake, this has meant recovery. For others, including Jessica Simpson and Rebel Wilson, this has meant weight loss. Still others are moving continents, focusing on mental journeys or are stepping back to take more time with their families. We'll keep you updated on Drake's particular journey as we kick off this brand new year.

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