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90 Day Fiance's Paul Staehle Shares Shocking Update On Karine's Pregnancy

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After stars Paul and Karine Staehle are on a break from the show but have signaled they may return once things get a bit calmer in their lives, which may not be too soon. Paul recently took to social media and revealed they've run into a problem regarding the birth of their second child.

In a series of Instagram Stories, Paul Staehle revealed that he and Karine having a child in Brazil would not be quite as simple as they thought. The two recently went to the hospital to talk with a doctor and were reportedly met with some discouraging news. Paul shared:

Karine's doctor just told us all private and public hospitals have no availability for births due to COVID-19. So if that's true I guess it's an in-apartment birth or back to the USA as quickly as possible...We do not need any money. We have enough to pay for a private birth out of pocket upfront. If anyone knows a hospital in the area she can give birth at let us know. Right now we are not finding hospitals with availability because of being converted into COVID-19 wards. I was actually turned away at the ER at a private hospital recently after offering to pay to be seen. Hospitals here are very different right now.

Paul Staehle's reveal matches up with recent national headlines out of the country, which say the country's hospitals are struggling with the amount of COVID-19 patients, especially in smaller cities. It seems like things are bad enough in the area Paul and Karine Staehle live that they may not be able to get a hospital bed reserved for their second child's birth that's just around the corner.

While he initially floated the idea of flying back to America, Paul Staehle quickly followed up with an update that this is no longer on the table as a safe option. It seems like they're committed to one method at the moment unless things happen in Brazil relatively quickly.

We are at most 4 to 5 weeks from birth so travel is extremely risky. We are negotiating now to have a medical team come to our apartment for the birth.

It seems there's always some drama in the lives of Paul and Karine Staehle, who 90 Day Fiancé fans may remember spent a chunk of 2020 separated and shared wild claims about one another on the internet. The two finally dropped all charges against each other in court and moved to Brazil, but so far, there's been no firm commitment they'll return to TLC for another spinoff of the reality series. It's a shame because I'm sure many would love to see how the couple handles this situation, though that may be exactly why they set up an OnlyFans account not that long ago.

While Paul and Karine may not be present, it's still worth the time to tune into 90 Day Fiancé Sundays at 8:00 p.m. ET on TLC. In the meantime, continue to read up on the latest gossip in the franchise, including the recent murder arrest of someone with seemingly close ties to Angela Deem.

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