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90 Day Fiance's Paul And Karine Are Headed To OnlyFans, But Will There Be Nudity?

Last year OnlyFans felt like a fairly new thing for 90 Day Fiancé stars to get involved in, but now it seems like the franchise has a symbiotic relationship with the premium social media service that can help anyone earn some exclusive side change. Paul and Karine Staehle have become the latest couple to join the platform, and given what we know about them, it could be one of the wildest pages for fans to subscribe to.

The big question everyone has regarding many celebrities' OnlyFans profiles is whether or not their pages will contain nudity. While it seems clear Paul and Karine's page will feature plenty of their interests, Paul's description left the naughty-bits answer somewhat up in the air. Here's what Paul told prospective subscribers to potentially expect when visiting their pages, as shared through a since-expired Instagram Story.

I will soon be launching our OnlyFans account. My account will have exclusive content of our life and will be for the most part family friendly. Primarily exclusive updates and some comedy content. We might also add Karine's cosmetology journey to it and some of my videos with local paranormal activity, ancient and recent alien phenomenons here, archaeological, Amazonas myths and legends as well as wildlife nature and of course swimming and fishing in Amazonas waters safely. Alongside actual local experts. I will also be adding survival and baby gear reviews.

Paul Staehle just pitched a network's worth of content there, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to see every minute of it. Notice, though, that Paul only talked about how his account being "family-friendly" for the most part – whatever THAT means – and didn't directly reference what Karine would be sharing.

Karine Staehle's page is already active and features a photo of her posing in what one may describe as garb that a belly dancer would wear. In a separate video that Paul posted of Karine promoting her page, she said there would be no nudity, but then followed up that statement with a wink and then put her finger to her lips as if there was some secret to be had. "Say no more, say no more." It seems like there may be some kind of adult content on Karine's page at some point, though to what level we're not exactly sure.

If that were the case, it wouldn't be too surprising that Paul Staehle was ok with it. The 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star has claimed in the past that they have a unique relationship where Karine will go off with men she meets online and stay with them. Paul claimed he does a background check in advance to assure everything is copacetic with her suitors, so it seems he's very much aware of and is fine with their relationship's openness. With that being said, we can only wait and see how extreme things will or won't get on their respective pages, or if it'll all just be a lot of ghost-hunting and stroller assembly videos from Brazil. Either way, it should be the perfect thing for fans missing their presence in the franchise while still hoping they will return at some point in the future.

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