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Jensen Ackles And More Supernatural Stars React To Jared Padalecki's Walker Reboot Premiere

With a career that was mainly driven for 20 years by the dramas Gilmore Girls and Supernatural, actor Jared Padalecki took on a different kind of gig when he signed on to bring a Walker, Texas Ranger reboot to life for his longtime home at The CW. The revised take on Chuck Norris' western actioner made its debut on Thursday night, and beyond the many fans who spoke up in praise of Padalecki's work in the new Walker, several of the actor's Supernatural co-stars also shared their thoughts on social media.

First and foremost is Jared Padalecki's former TV brother Jensen Ackles, who starred Dean Winchester for 15 years on Supernatural. Ackles might have been a little disappointed by the new Walker's shift away from random roundhouse kicks to focus on modern-day policing, but I'd like to think seeing Padalecki's scruffy beard was a sweet consolation.

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Fans probably shouldn't anticipate seeing Jensen Ackles appearing on Walker anytime soon, even the new show's cast does include a couple of other Supernatural vets. Ackles is set to begin filming for the third season of Amazon's The Boys, which will probably keep him busy for a while.

Speaking of keeping busy, Jared Padalecki's former TV dad Jeffrey Dean Morgan is gearing up for a big return on The Walking Dead for the upcoming episodes in the extended Season 10. (Amusingly enough, while Genevieve Padalecki appears on Walker as her real-life husband's fictional late wife, Morgan's real-world wife Hilarie Burton will make her debut as Negan's long-dead wife Lucille in those episodes.) In any case, Morgan shared a pride-oozing post in honor of Padalecki's work on Walker.

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Like a true gentleman, Jeffrey Dean Morgan also gave some love to Genevieve Padalecki while championing her hubby for his acting and his executive producing. As it happens, Jared Padalecki originally envisioned Jensen Ackles in the role of Cordell Walker, though that obviously didn't happen.

Supernatural's Ruth Connell, who recurred throughout many seasons as Crowley's mother Rowena, also shared her love for Walker once the episode hit the airwaves.

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It wouldn't be a proper Supernatural party without Misha Collins being involved, though he was having some issues with catching the Walker premiere live on The CW, thanks to fellow Supernatural vet Richard Speight, Jr.'s media set-up.

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What did all the Supernatural fans out there think about Jared Padalecki's new role? Let us know in the comments below, and don't forget that Walker airs Thursday nights on The CW at 8:00 p.m. ET. While waiting for new episodes, head to our Winter and Spring TV premiere schedule.

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