Supernatural's Jensen Ackles Reveals Fun Connection Between Dean Winchester And His Character On The Boys

TV just experienced a loss for the ages, with The CW's Supernatural bidding a fond and final farewell to audiences after a whopping 15 seasons. The finale was an emotional one for all the reasons, and now fans are left with a future where Jared Padalecki will head up the network's upcoming Walker, Texas Ranger reboot, while Jensen Ackles will become a sordid superhero for Supernatural creator Eric Kripke on Amazon's The Boys. Understandably, Ackles' Soldier Boy won't share a lot in common with the now-gone Dean Winchester, but there is indeed an unexpected connection between the characters.

Jensen Ackles is apparently now in the costume-fitting stages that will lead up to his introduction as The Boys' prototypical wartime supe known as Soldier Boy. And while the actor probably didn't expect any Supernatural callbacks during that experience, one definitely arrived in the form of the boots he'll be wearing. Here's how he put it to EW:

I'll give you a little fun fact about it. I don't even know if I'm supposed to share this, but I'm not giving anything away. Through no planning or work of my own devices, I somehow managed to end with the same kind of boots for Soldier Boy that I wore as Dean Winchester. Different color, but same boot.

Now I'm not going to stand here and act like I'm an expert that knows everything about boots used in Canadian TV productions, or even just a little bit about such things, but that seems like a pretty wild coincidence, right? There are probably a lot of boots out there in the world, right? I mean, I'm pretty sure there's more than just three kinds of boots. So Ackles' mind had to be blown just a little whenever he once against crossed paths with the same footwear he'd donned for many, many years while on Supernatural. Darn you, Winchester curse of comfortable and durable footwear!

Jensen Ackles went on to explain that he was indeed given several pairs of boots to choose from, but he rather quickly spotted a familiar sight and didn't look back. In his words:

They'd given me a variety, and I just immediately looked and them and I just kind of chuckled. 'Well, I can tell you which ones I know work.'

The wardrobe people apparently had zero inkling that Jensen Ackles had worn that very same brand of footwear for the bulk of his TV career, but they were certainly happy to hear that he approved of them. It's a lot easier to kick villains' asses when you're accustomed to what's on your foot as you're doing the kicking. Not the shortest adage, but it fits the situation.

We cannot wait to see what The Boys Season 3 has in store for fans, especially since it means we'll get to see Jensen Ackles in a superhero costume for the first time. Stay tuned for more Season 3 updates as they become available, and head to our Fall 2020 TV premiere schedule and our Winter and Spring 2021 TV schedule to see what new and returning shows will be popping up in the meantime.

Nick Venable
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