Why WandaVision’s Showrunner Isn’t Focusing On A Second Season Right Now

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision

Since premiering on Disney+, WandaVision has won over both critics and audiences with its unique approach to the sitcom format and, as you would imagine, the positive reception has led many to wonder if another season of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series will be made. The honest answer lies with WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer. But things seem up in the air as the series creator recently revealed she isn’t focusing on a second season of WandaVision right now.

Jac Schaeffer recently explained what went into crafting the MCU-set series. And when discussing the chances of a second season, Schaeffer stated that she's not keen on discussing one at this time as it's not quite part of the "philosophy" that Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has established:

I cannot talk about second season. That really fits in with the Marvel philosophy. Kevin is so great at coming out and being like, 'Here's what's happening!' to a point. 'Here's the field, and this is where the field drops off.' A second season is not something that can be discussed that's on the field quite yet.

While a second season isn’t going forward now, Jac Shaeffer went on to compare WandaVision’s run to that of a comic book’s. Interestingly, she went on to tell The Hollywood Reporter’s TV’s Top 5 podcast that she views the show as a complete story:

It was always the design with these shows that they feel like a run of a comic. In that way, it feels very complete. It's an emotional completion I stand by and feel great about and always was very much baked in.

Jac Schaeffer’s words seem to signal that the series will have a limited run as previously reported. WandaVision along with other Marvel series such as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are seemingly being set up as limited series. However, Kevin Feige has stated that some could get multiple seasons, which could leave the door open for more WandaVision.

Based on the three episodes we've seen so far, Marvel Studios has put a lot of hard work into WandaVision. Director Matt Shakman was recently interviewed by CinemaBlend about recreating classic sitcom interiors. The series’ homage to The Dick Van Dyke Show was even approved by Van Dyke himself. And fans will be excited to know that Elizabeth Olsen has hinted that the classic sitcom feel will continue as the series progresses through the decades.

As the series creator, Jac Schaeffer should know when or if the second season of WandaVision were to happen. But given the nature of Marvel’s current slate of shows, the Marvel sitcom is more of a jumping off point for the MCU’s Phase Four. If you want to check out more of WandaVision, you can watch the first three episodes of the Marvel limited series on Disney+.

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