Candace Cameron Bure Recalls Her Daughter Crying After Dealing With Social Media Hate

Candace Cameron Bure on The View

These days, social media has become a major part of our everyday lives, as we use it for a number of things ranging from news consumption to social interaction. Of course, if you’re a celebrity, social media is a major part of your brand and a way for you to interact with your fans. This can create some positive situations but also lead to some negative fan interactions, which Fuller House alum Candace Cameron Bure has learned. The star has dealt with backlash before, and she’s now opened up about how her daughter has come to her crying after receiving hate on social media herself:

My daughter deals with it a lot and she's come to me many days crying because of what people have commented on her social media. But I do tell her, 'Listen a lot of times, people are writing mean things 'cause they're trying to poke the bear. They just want to get a rise out of you; they actually want attention.'

Candace Cameron Bure did bring up a fair point during her recent interview with People in 10. In many cases, social media users only leave negative comments in an attempt to stir things up. With this in mind, Bure continued to explain that she tells her daughter it’s best not to pay them any mind but still states that any celebrity looking to join social media shouldn’t be surprised when they happen:

‘And they know they can get attention by being mean, so in that case it is good to ignore them.' 'Also, if you want to be a part of social media, it's part of what comes with it so you're going to have to have thick skin as well if you want to continue posting, which is just a sad thing but it's truth.'

As mentioned, Candace Cameron Bure has more than her fair share of experience dealing with social media controversy. The actress and host just recently discussed her methods of dealing with internet trolls and how she does sometimes get frustrated by negative comments. This is especially true when it comes to messages aimed at her loved ones.

Bure is far from the only celebrity to have dealt with negativity on social media. Black Widow star Florence Pugh has opened up about being bullied on social media for her relationship with actor Zach Braff. Star Wars alum Kelly Marie Tran also notably received a slew of negative comments after she appeared in The Last Jedi, leading her to ultimately quit social media.

It’s for this reason that a number of celebrities have opted not to join social media at all. Even Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe has admitted that he’d prefer not to join due to the chance that he’ll get into confrontations with social media users.

Social media is definitely a tricky beast to master, but many still manage to find plenty of positivity to drown out the more toxic elements of it. And even if they are faced with trolls, some celebrities have found a number of ways to handle them.

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