Stephen Amell's New Wrestling Show Heels Has Cast A Major WWE Superstar

Some may have been shocked at Stephen Amell's first move after Arrow being a pro wrestling series, though fans of the WWE knew the actor had dabbled in the squared circle in the past. Now, it seems like a major former talent of the brand will be joining Amell in his Starz series and getting back into the ring after a long time away.

Amell revealed on Twitter that none other than CM Punk will be joining Heels. Check out a photo of the two below and check out Punk grinning ear to ear while standing in a wrestling ring alongside the former Arrow star.

Wrestling fans know just how big of a deal this is, as many have been begging CM Punk to get back into a wrestling ring for some time. Punk (real name Phil Brooks) abruptly left WWE in 2014 in a very publicized and unexpected breakup with the organization. He vowed then he'd "never ever" return to wrestling and has since pursued a career in the UFC and done some acting. Punk eventually worked for a WWE-adjacent program, WWE Backstage, but has stayed true to his pledge of keeping out of a WWE ring.

Unfortunately, details on CM Punk's role are not available at this time, but the value he brings to Heels is immeasurable. Punk was one of the most notable heels of the WWE during his run and has over a decade-and-a-half of experience across different wrestling organizations. His brain will be valuable to pick for storylines and of course, will bring more legitimacy to the series with his participation.

It will also interest the modern wrestling fandom, many of which are already speculating whether or not this appearance could lead to CM Punk's official return to the world of professional wrestling. The WWE is officially in its "Road to Wrestlemania" phase. With Heels being a show that will cater to a wrestling audience, there's speculation that the timing of this announcement was intentional. The casting news dropped on the day of WWE's Royal Rumble, a night where it's a tradition for unexpected wrestlers to return or make their debut in the WWE wrestler.

I can only speculate about what the Heels casting will mean towards CM Punk's future in wrestling, but I can say it will be nice to see him in a wrestling ring again, assuming that's the role he'll take on. A report from claimed Punk originally tested for Stephen Amell's role, which does involve wrestling, so I don't imagine Punk is against doing it in this show. For now, let's just be happy he's back in wrestling, even if it isn't in the way some would've imagined.

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