Bachelor Spoilers: Matt James Might Have A Major Shock Coming Before His Finale

Warning! Potential SPOILERS ahead for the remainder of Matt James' Season 25 of The Bachelor. Come back once you have all of your roses in a row!

If you've been keeping up with Matt James' current run on The Bachelor, you'll know that this season has not disappointed when it comes to offering up tears, conflict and many assorted kinds of drama, mostly when it comes down to the relationships between the women who are vying for Matt's heart. While we knew we wouldn't be getting weekly spoilers on each Season 25 episode, some new information has come to light which suggests that Matt might be in for a major shock before his finale.

Of course, word on this big event comes to us courtesy of Reality Steve, he of the (almost) all-knowing Bachelor Nation spoilers. Apparently, some new details on the remainder of this season have come to light recently, and Steve feels comfortable enough with the source of this information to share. Hold on, folks, because it sounds like The Bachelor is going to bring in Matt's dad before the season is over.

Right now, it doesn't appear that there are any clues or more concrete word on just when said moment will happen, but if Matt's father is, indeed, a part of his season, it will be a pretty big deal that is sure to get fans talking. Matt has spoken quite a lot about how his mother was a single mom and raised he and his brother alone. He's even managed to bond with some of the ladies on his season about it, as they had similar upbringings.

In addition, his mom is white, and Matt was also able to connect to contestant Bri Springs when she revealed that she was also bi-racial and raised by her non-black mother.

Matt has said very little about his father during the season so far. All that viewers have heard is that his dad is black and left the family when Matt and his brother were young. Even though it's been strongly implied that neither sibling has much, if any, relationship with their dad, we haven't heard Matt confirm that so far. We also don't know anything about what led the elder man to leave his children behind when the marriage to their mother soured.

OK, I'm going to go ahead and say what (probably) most of us are thinking right now. Matt was likely blindsided on his season by an appearance from his dad, and, if that's what happened, The Bachelor is beyond shitty for doing such a thing. Even if producers did tell him there was a possibility they could instigate a sit-down with him and his dad, I can certainly see where Matt wouldn't feel like he was able to say no to it had he wanted to.

A large portion of Matt's story as Bachelor has focused on him acknowledging that he has a hard time opening up and letting in the women he dates, mostly because of how hard he says it was to grow up without a father and how having what he has called a "broken family and broken marriage" affected all of their lives. So, while it makes sense that the show would want to focus on the root of this problem by having Matt talk to his dad, it seems like a real rough road to force that kind of thing to happen just so that we can all watch it unfold dramatically on TV.

Reality Steve's thought is that the scene they've been teasing all season, where Matt and Chris Harrison sit on a curb and Matt is clearly shaken and crying, actually has nothing to do with any of the women, but is the moment where Matt is either told they have his dad waiting to talk to him, or he's just spoken with the man.

So, how does this major shock turn out for Matt? Steve thinks that, considering how it already looks bad for production to have done this, the meeting will be emotional but not a total disaster, so that producers can say, "Hey, we helped Matt find closure," or something that makes this move seem less manipulative.

Again, we don't know when this might happen, if it does, so we'll all just have to keep tuning in to The Bachelor, Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC. For more on what to watch, check out our guide to early 2021 TV premieres.

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