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Bachelor Spoilers: Matt James' Last Eliminations And Who Might Have His Final Rose

Warning: Potential SPOILERS ahead for Matt James Season 25 of The Bachelor. Look away unless you're cool with getting all of your roses at once!

As could be expected by now, even after only three weeks on the air, Matt James' season of The Bachelor has already been filled with plenty of odd moments, priceless hilarity and a healthy heaping of drama. But, while we'd been told not to expect week-to-week spoilers on everything from the group dates to the rose ceremonies and all the lovey-dovey stuff in between, it sounds like we might now know how his last eliminations turn out, as well as who gets Matt's final rose.

Even though quarantine filming at Pennsyvania's Nemacolin resort likely led to the lack of spoilerrific info for Matt's season, it's now sounding like Reality Steve finally has the confirmation he's been waiting on to dole out details of the last few episodes of Season 25. Bachelor Nation was told right before the premiere of Matt's time as lead of The Bachelor not to expect the copious spoilers we typically get for each season, with Steve not being able to tell us for sure who he believed walked off with Matt's final rose.

Now, though, Steve's intel is looking less shaky and a lot more like the real deal, so he's got Matt's final eliminations and the (apparent) winner of his heart all laid out for fans. Let's work our way up and give you the Final 5 ladies who Matt will have to choose from, shall we? And, if you were a fan of an early favorite who captured his heart very quickly, you will either be shocked she doesn't make it further or glad she gets as far as she does: Abigail Heringer.

If you'll recall, Abigail is the one who nabbed Matt's first impression rose on the first night right after the arrivals and a bit of getting to know you time. While he clearly had a soft spot for her from the beginning, Abigail hasn't had much screen time in the subsequent weeks, with a lot more attention being paid to the drama with Victoria Larson, vibrator-bearing Katie Thurston becoming an all-around great example, and Sarah Trott flaming out amid a lot of negative attention from many of the other ladies. Fifth place isn't bad for Abigail, but first rose winners have been known to make it further.

Next, according to Steve, the four hometown dates (which were still filmed at the resort and saw all the families travel there to meet with Matt and his appropriate lady friend) will go to Serena Pitt, Rachael Kirkconnell, Bri Springs, and Michelle Young (who will be one of the five new arrivals tonight). His information says that we'll be saying goodbye to Serena after hometowns, and that Bri will be sent packing after the fantasy suite dates.

This leaves us with Michelle and Rachael, and while Michelle is clearly going to make a solid showing for someone who shows up quite late in the process, her big impression-making status of getting all the way to Matt's Final 2 will end there. That's right, folks. It appears that Rachael Kirkconnell grabs a hold of Matt's heart something fierce during the remainder of the season, and she rounds out her time on the show with Matt's Final Rose.

In case you're wondering, all of this does corroborate the early details that Reality Steve got for the end of Season 25. He has now, apparently, gotten the information that he needed to confirm Bri's position as a hometown date winner (he had only been able to set Michelle, Serena, and Rachael before), as well as the report that Michelle would be making it very close to the end, and declaring that Rachael is the one who wins Matt's ultimate affection.

The only thing that's still up in the air is the full current status of Matt and Rachael's love story, seeing as how Steve can only vouch for the couple still being together, but not whether or not they are engaged.

All we have to do now is follow along with The Bachelor each week when it airs Mondays on ABC, at 8 p.m. EST, to see if everything plays out the way we now expect it to.

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