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How To Watch The Walking Dead Season 10 On Streaming

Norman Reedus on The Walking Dead

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It seems like only yesterday when we first saw police officer and devoted family man Rick Grimes awake from a coma and into a world ruled by the undead. Yet, in actuality, that was more than a decade ago and Andrew Lincoln is no longer part of the hit AMC series (but not out of the universe), which is still one of the most popular shows on TV. For those who do not have the cable network, there are other places to find The Walking Dead Season 10 streaming, thankfully.

Normally, we would be talking about the 11th (and final) season of the show based on Robert Kirkman’s popular Image comic book series by now. However, after Covid-19 caused a delay in filming and airing the 16th (and usually final) episode of the tenth season, AMC announced that it was not over after all. On February 28, 2021, The Walking Dead will return with the first of six additional episodes for its penultimate season, effectively bridging the gap for its even longer, 24-episode curtain call.

In the event that you may only be familiar with the first nine seasons and want to make sure you are caught up before Season 10 continues, we got your covered. The following is a quick, helpful guide as to how and where you can stream the most recent episodes of The Walking Dead and its upcoming bonus chapters as well.

Melissa McBride on The Walking Dead

Where Is The Walking Dead Season 10 Streaming?

The show that changed the zombie subgenre forever seemed to come right before television changed forever, making The Walking Dead one of the last examples of TV as a weekly event before binge watching and streaming by convenience took over. AMC seems to understand this, which is why all episodes of its flagship series’ current season are available on two of its own digital platforms.

It costs just $4.99 per month (after a free, week-long trial) and a cable provider to stream the first 16 episodes of The Walking Dead Season 10 right now on AMC Premiere, but $8.99 for the AMC+ streaming bundle. Not only does the latter include exclusive bonus content and is ad-free, but will allow subscribers to view Episode 17 as of February 21, 2021 - a week ahead of its broadcast premiere. AMC+ can also be purchased as an add-on to your Amazon Prime account, (opens in new tab) which actually has the first three episodes of Season 10 available now at no additional cost.

Have you considered using a VPN? You may already use one as a way to keep your internet access secure when using public wi-fi, but did you know you can use a VPN to watch your favorite streaming content when you're traveling out of region? If you're traveling out of the United States  area and still want to catch The Walking Dead on AMC+, consider using a VPN (opens in new tab).

Alternately, if you don't want to go the streaming route but still need to get caught up on The Walking Dead Season 10, Amazon has the previously aired episodes for sale digitally (opens in new tab).

Jeffrey Dean Morgan on The Walking Dead

Will The Walking Dead Season 10 Be On Netflix?

At the moment, AMC Premiere and AMC+ are the only platforms with all previously aired episodes of The Walking Dead’s tenth season available. It is likely, though, that they will eventually find their way to Netflix (opens in new tab) as Seasons 1-9 can be streamed on the popular platform. In fact, if you wanted to relive the survivors’ struggles from the beginning or if you happen to be a late bloomer to series, Netflix is, really, the only place that will grant you access to the first nine seasons with a basic subscription. However, you could also watch it on Pluto TV for free... and dubbed in Spanish.

Lauren Cohan on The Walking Dead

If You Have Enjoyed The Walking Dead Season 10 So Far…

We have been following all the biggest updates regarding The Walking Dead, either to its story or what goes on behind the scenes, since the very beginning. You better believe that there is no sign of stopping us now. Currently, you can find our own thoughts and opinions of individual episodes and full season arcs, interviews with the cast and crew (either past and present), and even an explanation as to why some actors would eventually leave the show and what they have been up to since. The same goes for its hit spin-off series Fear The Walking Dead and the more recent The Walking Dead: World Beyond as well.

Of course, if the biggest thing on your radar from the world of The Walking Dead is the status of Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes solo movie, we at CinemaBlend certainly have you covered there. Also be sure to come back for coverage of the remaining episodes of Season 10, which you now know how to watch. No need to thank us.

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