Miley Cyrus Shares Her Wild Super Bowl Prep, And There's A Treadmill Involved

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When Miley Cyrus puts her mind to something, she tends to put at least 100% effort into it, and often in ways that her fans don't see coming. That goes for everything from her career choices to her hair changes to her relationships and beyond. Miley gonna do Miley, and that's how it goes. It was recently announced that the former Disney starlet will next be taking the stage as part of the NFL TikTok Tailgate pre-game show ahead of the streaming-friendly Super Bowl LV, and Cyrus somewhat unexpectedly gave the world a sneak peek at her treadmill-infused preparation process, which made me out of breath just watching it.

Take a look below at this video Miley Cyrus initially rocking out loud and proud to punk band Bikini Kill's classic track "Rebel Girl" while running to the beat on a treadmill.

I'm pretty sure if I was yelling anything that loud while running on a treadmill, it would be "Somebody put a couch behind me so I can fall backwards into it," but I'm definitely not on the same superstar level as Miley Cyrus. After making it through around 90 seconds of that, she was certainly breathing hard and feeling the burn, but didn't look like death warmed over twice the way that many others would after doing the same. (Okay, yes, I'm still talking about myself there.)

As opposed to being a form of self-torture, belting songs out on the treadmill is no doubt an excellent way for Miley Cyrus to practice breath control while performing, so that she won't find herself unexpectedly winded and unable to get lyrics out after jumping around on a stage. After hopping off of the treadmill, it didn't take very long for her to catch her breath while stretching, and around 90 seconds after that, she went into a practice performance of her more subdued track "Angels Like You," from her 2020 album Plastic Hearts. And she totally nailed it.

After that, things got a little more unpredictable when someone put on Cyrus' version of Toni Basil's 1908s hit "Hey Mickey," only substituting "Miley" for "Mickey," all while Cyrus listened without singing along. I particularly enjoyed the mocked-up audience cheers. Miley has performed that personalized cover while on tour in the past, but will she do the same during the Super Bowl LV halftime show? It's hard to tell right now.

This isn't the only video out there of Miley Cyrus preparing for her TikTok Tailgate performance, and at this point, it looks like she's practiced around seven songs so far, though without confirming at any point which songs are actually going to be played during the pregame show. It's very likely that "Angels Like You" will make the cut, and she's also practiced her album tracks "Plastic Hearts" and "We Can't Stop," so those are also possible choices. Beyond "Rebels Girls" and "Hey Mickey," Cyrus has also practiced a cover of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole," which doesn't automatically seem like the kind of family-friendly fare the NFL usually opts for. Maybe she should hold onto that one to play at Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton's wedding.

Miley Cyrus also potentially teased the outfit she'll be wearing for her performance, and it's definitely not the kind of out fit you see on CBS all that often, even though it looks perfectly natural on Cyrus.

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Check out the entirety of Miley Cyrus' performance when the CBS Super Bowl LV Pregame Show airs on CBS on Sunday, February 7, at 2:30 p.m. ET. Now who's going to be watching the big game and all the silly commercials while running on a treadmill? Hmmm? Anybody?

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