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The Umbrella Academy's Elliot Page Shares First Season 3 Set Pic With A Backstreet Boys Callback

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that it would be awesome to have the power to go back into the past and change things for the better. Of course, if we learned anything from The Umbrella Academy Season 2, it's that going pack into the past to change things is a terrible idea that is destined to blow up in everyone's faces. The season ended with the Hargreeves siblings arriving back in the present, only to realize that their actions in the past resulted in the creation of an alternate group dubbed The Sparrow Academy. Their impact on the show is front and center for star Elliot Page's first shot from the Season 3 set.

Elliot Page, who came out as transgender during the hiatus between seasons, took to Instagram to get fans pumped for the impending arrival of The Umbrella Academy's third (and presumably very popular) season on Netflix, sharing the following post, which coupled its sparrow visual with an excellent callback to one of Season 2's most bizarro musical moments.

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Backstreet's back, all right, but soon, the same can be said for Netflix's most dysfunctional bunch of superheroes; or if not heroes, then at least super-powered people who occasionally do heroic things. Certainly, saving the world from an apocalypse is heroic, even if the group doing the saving happens to be responsible for creating that apocalypse in the first place.

But even though Aidan Gallagher's Number Five was able to fend off paradox psychosis and take on his older self, and even though Elliot Page's Vanya seemingly made peace with her situation with Sissy and Harlan (despite their complicated situation still existing in the past), their problems are far from over in the present. After all, if The Umbrella Academy only planned on using the Sparrow characters for a limited time, the show likely wouldn't have ordered up chair backings that specifically refer to the Sparrows' presence in Season 3. Fans will likely see things get pretty complicated between the two groups early on, especially since Colm Feore's not-so-human Reginald Hargreeves is still alive in the revised present.

Comic fans are aware that The Umbrella Academy unveiled the Sparrow members in the third volume of comics, titled Hotel Oblivion, although their origins were not explored on the page just yet, with that likely happening in the fourth volume, which creator Gerard Way revealed will be subtitled Sparrow Academy. Are we going to see more musical fight scenes set to Backstreet Boys tunes whenever Justin Lin's alt-Ben Hargreeves takes over? One can only hope.

Considering this is only Elliot Page's first look from the Season 3 set, fans can be sure to expect a lot more hype is on the way as the Netflix production continues. I'm hoping we get to learn a bit more about the Sparrow Academy's members, even though we know quite a bit already.

Nick Venable
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