Read The Note Rege-Jean Page Left Nick Jonas In His Saturday Night Live Dressing Room

Nick Jonas singing by a fireplace on Saturday Night Live

Earlier this month, Schitt’s Creek favorite Dan Levy hosted Saturday Night Live and absolutely crushed it. On his way out the door, he left a note for the next host Watchmen lead Regina King. She returned the favor for the following week’s host Rege-Jean Page. In case you were wondering, yes, he left a note for this week’s host Nick Jonas, and now we can see it thanks to an appreciative social media post.

Nick Jonas took to Twitter not long before he was scheduled to take the Studio 8H stage to drop a picture of the note Rege-Jean Page left him and affirm that he will have the best time. You can check out the note which also doubles as a fun selfie from the Jonas Brother below…

Nick Jonas has been on the Saturday Night Live stage before. The affable 28 year old was the musical guest by himself back in 2016 and appeared again as part of the Jonas Brothers in 2019, but even longtime cast members talk about how they still get nervous. Live television is live television, and I would imagine it’s particularly nerve-wracking for someone like Jonas who has acting experience but not on a live sketch comedy show surrounded by some of today’s best and brightest comedians.

Thankfully, Jonas performed very well last night. He was in several really funny sketches including a couple that played to his strengths by incorporating songs. There was one that involved a bachelor party song and another that covered the joys of multi-tasking while watching murder shows on Netflix. You can tell he followed Bridgerton star Rege-Jean Page’s advice and was having the absolute best time.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jonas also got to spend time with his brother last night. Kevin Jonas popped up during the opening monologue to ask if the Jonas Brothers are even a band anymore (they are!), and he introduced him ahead of a later musical performance. I know it’s a little sappy, but I love when SNL hosts have famous family members and they get incorporated into a sketch. When it comes to Nick Jonas, he has a ton of famous family members to choose from too.

The best part about Saturday Night Live is how it finds a way to consistently reinvent itself and stay relevant for the current era. There are some traditions and basic structures that get passed on, but in general, the purpose is about figuring out what is funny right now. The hosts and musical guests help with that, but it’s also a testament to the writing staff and the cast staying on top of what works right now. No one knows what the future holds, but I truly hope Saturday Night Live is kicking another 50 years from now, loosely resembling what it looks like today but fresh and modern for two generations from now. And if the hosts are still leaving each other notes, all the better.

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