After Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Had A Baby, He's Done Something Drastic With His Hair

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Heartthrob Joe Jonas has done something drastic with his hair after he and his wife Sophie Turner recently had a baby. Jonas is not the first celebrity to take the summer plunge into changing up their look this summer, and he will probably not be the last. Still, it is a dramatic change of pace for the singer and new father.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas recently welcomed their first baby to the world after months of reports running rampant about her pregnancy. The Game of Thrones actress finally gave official confirmation of the news when wishing her husband a happy birthday on Instagram, referring to Jonas as her “baby daddy.” Now, the new dad is showing off this dramatic new look in his Instagram stories:

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Yes, Joe Jonas is now a blond, just like Sophie Turner. Well, sort of. Turner is a natural blonde, of course, so when she'd previously ditched her signature red hair as Game of Thrones' Sansa, it was a return to her native look. Jonas, on the other hand, is undoubtedly a brunette. So why the change? Maybe he wanted to change his hair to match his and Turner’s new bundle of joy? Or maybe he's gearing up to play Eminem in an upcoming biopic.

For all the world knows, their child could be a redhead like Sansa or even bald as a cueball, so fans will have to see if Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner ever share a glimpse of their new baby. Considering how private they were about expecting, I would doubt that little Turner-Jonas’ Instagram debut is coming soon. For now, enjoy this peek at what the middle Jonas brother used to look like:

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This is the once-signature look that Joe Jonas was rocking before the arrival of his and Sophie Turner’s baby, which is the one he was recently seen rocking in his Quibi series, Cup of Joe, in which Jonas interacts with celebrities while enjoying a good meal. I would be surprised if anyone he meets up with in the near future instantly recognizes him with his new blond hair.

Perhaps Joe Jonas is trying to get cast in the Targaryen-centric Game of Thrones prequel? House of the Dragon is reportedly in the middle of casting for the series, and platinum blond hair is part of the Targaryen legacy. I doubt that Jonas is actually undertaking such a dramatic makeover to audition, but one can certainly dream.

Sophie Turner is the acting half of the couple, of course, with Joe Jonas showcasing more musical talents, so their offspring technically has both sides of the entertainment industry covered. For her part, Turner has said she never finished watching Game of Thrones’ final season, and it would take a lot of money to lure her into doing more of it, but maybe once their child is old enough to appreciate the HBO epic, she'll finally get back to it.

One can only hope that would get arranged. For now, though, it is personally impressive that Joe Jonas found time to dye his hair as a new father. That is an impressive feat when you consider his busy career. More power to him, though!

You can watch Joe Jonas in the Jonas brothers’ doc, Chasing Happiness, on Amazon Prime Video, and as always, Sophie Turner can be found in episodes of Game of Thrones on HBO Max. While you wait to see what TV project Turner takes on next, check out this fall’s big television premieres.

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