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Why Star Trek Likely Won't Be Seeing Michael Dorn's Worf Returning Anytime Soon

Big things are coming to Star Trek television, and with those arrivals come a lot of talk about past actors returning as well. Kate Mulgrew is coming to Star Trek: Prodigy as Janeway, and Star Trek: Picard has a goal of getting all the main cast from The Next Generation on the Paramount+ series. Unfortunately, it appears the day for one TNG castmember appearing is still off in the distance. At least, that's what Michael Dorn has said.

Michael Dorn's Worf has been a part of Star Trek across many movies and television shows, but it looks like nothing is planned for him in the immediate future. Dorn spoke to Salon about Star Trek: Picard and the odds of his appearing in Season 2. The actor left no room for interpretation and laid out exactly what the situation is.

I have not been contacted to do Picard. I've been trying to pitch a Worf TV show for a long time. CBS is missing out on a golden moment and an easy sell.

Star Trek fans are likely well-aware of Michael Dorn's pitch for a Klingon-centric Worf series, as it comes up nearly every time Dorn is interviewed about the series. The actor has expressed frustration about CBS showing interest, and then that interest waning over the years, especially when characters on some of the new Trek shows are getting spinoffs greenlit left and right.

With that being said, Michael Dorn has also noted that he will be selective about the roles he will and won't do as Worf in Star Trek these days. Committing to an episode means three hours in makeup added to whatever happens on filming day, so it makes sense that he'd be a bit choosy about any cameo or role he'd have.

Regardless of the reasons, it has been surprising that Michael Dorn has not been a part of the recent resurgence of Star Trek television. Dorn's on-screen time as Worf in Star Trek film and television exceeds that of all other Trek characters, including William Shatner and Patrick Stewart. Of course, it's not like Shatner hasn't been dodging questions about whether he'd return to Star Trek television as well, so prominence and stardom don't always guarantee appearances in this franchise.

If there's any upside to Michael Dorn's recent comments about appearing in Star Trek, it's that there are two shows he could reprise his role as Worf in wearing absolutely zero makeup. Both Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Prodigy are both viable options for him given that they're both animated, or Star Trek: Picard or any other series could just write a role that he deems worthy enough to hop in the makeup chair for. I'm eager for whatever solution that can be worked up soon because I've been jonesing to see Worf acting grumpy on a starship lately.

Star Trek shows both new and old can currently be binged on Paramount+. For more on former actors who will soon appear in new Trek shows, check out which two actors from The Next Generation may soon pop up in Picard Season 2.

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