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Former Temptation Island Star Is Suing USA And More

Temptation Island evan smith USA

USA's Temptation Island is a rough reality show to be a part of, especially given the premise. Contestants are isolated from their significant other and given a chance to see if they can find a stronger connection living with a group of strangers they've just met. Obviously, there are moments that some participants would rather not see shared on television. Now, one former star is in the process of suing the network and Season 1 showrunner Scott Jeffress.

Evan Smith, who viewers may remember from Season 1, recently revealed his intention to file suit during a Q&A session on his Instagram Stories (via Screenrant). The reveal (which has since expired) actually came about rather innocently, as the former cast member responded to a fan about whether or not he considered doing another reality television series after Temptation Island. Smith responded:

Actually filing a suit with @USA_Network and the showrunner for my season @TheScottJeffress so I doubt any networks will touch me after that.

Evan Smith did not elaborate on what the reason for his lawsuit is, but when later asked "Network drama???" he shared a scene from Gerard Butler's Law Abiding Citizen with the "it's gonna be biblical" quote. At this point, we have no idea what his lawsuit is about or what his claims against Temptation Island and Season 1 showrunner Scott Jeffress are, but he clearly intends to pursue legal action.

We do know what happened with Evan Smith's time on Temptation Island, which started when he entered the show with his high school sweetheart of ten years, Kaci Campbell. Their story was particularly heartbreaking because while Kaci realized while being apart from Evan that she really wanted to be with him, Evan had a different outcome. Evan fell in love with one of the single women in his villa, Morgan Lolar. Evan officially broke things off with a distraught Kaci in the finale and actually proposed to Morgan as well.

After the show, things went south for Evan Smith and Morgan Lolar. In January of 2020, Lolar publicly called Smith out for allegedly having sleepovers with Instagram models while away on business. Lolar revealed in April of 2020 that the they were officially done, and there has been no public reconciliation between them since. Strangely enough, Smith brought up he has watched the premiere of Season 3 and plans to catch up on the current season, so it seems the lawsuit may not have affected his love of the show.

Temptation Island airs on USA Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET. Season 3 is about as dramatic as the prior two seasons, so there are plenty of reasons for past viewers to catch up if they haven't been keeping tabs like Evan Smith.

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