Reality Show Temptation Island Is Coming Back To TV, Because Revivals

Temptation Island
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TV viewers are about to get tempted. That's right, folks: another show is set to ride the wave of television revivals and it's one all about temptation on the small screen. Temptation Island has joined the legion of shows set to make their way back to U.S. television. If your memory of the reality show is a little fuzzy, this story will help lift the haze in a bit. For now, here is what you need to know about its impending return.

As of right now, there is little else to go on than the fact it is happening, per Deadline. No announcement of a network for the Temptation Island revival has yet been released. Production company Banijay Group, which is behind the revival, has not stated when exactly it could make its return to the airwaves. For now, we mainly know that it is happening.

Temptation Island was a reality show that ended 15 years ago. It aired on Fox from 2001 to 2003. Is this starting to ring any bells? Allow us to continue, just in case. The plot of the show was sort of along the lines of The Bachelor, except not. The premise of Temptation Island was not about finding your soul mate. It was more about finding out if contestants could stay faithful to their possible soul mate, hence "temptation."

The show's premise involved four couples, including four female contestants and four male contestants living together. The tempting twist was that each group would also live with 12 single male and females, respectively. So it was basically CBS's Survivor on steroids. There is no word on whether the Temptation Island revival will mix up the premise of the show at all. For now, you can probably expect more of the same.

Temptation Island is one of the few reality shows to get the revival treatment. While American Idol is more of a singing competition, it is technically a reality series. In truth, reality shows have not really needed to be a part of the revival fever, since many of them have not needed reviving. Survivor, The Bachelor, and Big Brother are among the shows introduced in the early 2000s, and they are all still around. In fact, they all debuted around the time that Temptation Island premiered.

Reality show revivals may become more popular, since Temptation Island and Wife Swap are both on their way back, with the latter heading to CMT. So now would probably be a good time to suggest the return of The CW reality series Beauty and the Geek, which ended in 2008 because it was great...just saying.

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