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Little People, Big World's Matt Roloff Apparently Took Out A Loan For Farm During Pandemic

Matt Roloff stares ahead on Little People Big World TLC

Little People Big World's Roloff family had only just started to experience COVID-19 when the TLC series ended its latest season, so fans haven't seen how Matt and his family have coped with the pandemic and life on the farm all that much. Fans have been able to track the changes the family had to make on the farm during the pandemic, though the family said nothing about the apparent large sum of money Matt Roloff had to take out to protect the farm and business.

It was revealed in documents obtained by The Sun that Matt Roloff received around $205,913 from the Baker Boyer National Bank for a Paycheck Protection Program loan. The loan, which was for Roloff Farms, was intended to help Roloff Farms and other small businesses keep on staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Little People, Big World fans may have worried the farm was in trouble during COVID-19, especially considering lockdowns were still in effect during the busy fall season the farm makes a good deal of money on. The family was able to open the farm to the public when pumpkin season rolled around, albeit with some changes to ensure the safety of others and to be in line with COVID protocols.

It was an effort that, no doubt, would've been much more difficult had the family lacked the money to keep their usual staff on hand. This included Amy Roloff, who, despite having sold her share of the farm back to her ex-husband, did help out during the fall season. The farm was an important part of Amy's life, and perhaps, she understood the strain COVID-19 put on the farm and its ability to operate as normal.

Despite their differences, Matt and Amy both have a vested interest in the farm, as both ideally want to hand the farm and its business over to their children. Jeremy Roloff (who received $53,841 for his business The Roloff Company) originally seemed like the clear successor to his parent's legacy, but hard work by his twin brother, Zach, has put him and his family in the running as well. Meanwhile, Matt Roloff has not indicated he's anywhere near close to handing over the keys to the kingdom and, perhaps with that loan, there won't be worry about still having a kingdom in the near future.

It's unclear just how much of the farm's trouble during COVID-19, financial or otherwise, will be discussed in Season 22 of Little People, Big World. We do know TLC was filming during the pandemic so, chances are, if there was any drama to speak of, it might be in the upcoming season.

Little People, Big World Season 22 is on the way to TLC, but an official release date has not been announced. For more on the family in the meantime, be sure to read up on the shocking allegations made by Jacob Roloff in the offseason here and tune in to the new season to see whether they'll be addressed.

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